Finding Quality Candidates: Roger Bassam wants to bring his Vision to North Vancouver District Council

With 16 candidates on the ballot for Council in the District, the decision on who to vote for will be somewhat overwhelming for many of us. Each candidate offering his or her unique perspective as to why they deserve our vote.

For this District voter, I have had the privilege of talking with and getting to know many of the candidates, most of whom are sincere, hard-working, intelligent individuals who want to give back to the community they call home.

Roger Bassam exemplifies this group of candidates. When you get a chance to meet or hear him, his energy, passion and vision for this community comes across loud and clear. However, Bassam is fighting an uphill battle. It’s not that he doesn’t appear to have what it takes, and the energy to get things done, he’s suffering from an affliction that the vast majority of Council candidates have, and that is LACK OF NAME RECOGNITION.

So Bassam, like his fellow candidates, will be spending the next 30 days introducing himself to as many voters as possible and attempting to convey his vision for the District. A vision, when you actually get an opportunity to speak with him, that would be more than welcome at the District Council table. had an opportunity this week to interview Roger Bassam and provide a peek at the quality of candidates who are running in the District Election. You can listen to the unedited interview with Roger Bassam by clicking on the “microphone icons” below.

Roger Bassam Interview: Part 1

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Roger Bassam Interview: Part 2

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Roger Bassam’s campaign website can be found at:

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