Media Favouritism: Does the Media Shun Certain Candidates in the Civic Election

The media plays an important role in determining the outcome of a Civic Election. Particularly in communities such as North Vancouver, where the big media pounds us with City of Vancouver election debates and personalities, and many residents consider themselves Vancouverites first, and North Vancouveronians second.

So cracking the media nut, can often mean the difference between introducing yourself to voters, and political obscurity.

However, is there a level playing field when it comes to garnering media coverage during a campaign. Take for instance, Monday’s Vancouver Sun which listed the candidates for mayor in the District and omitted the names of Dave Sadler and David Dixon. To the reader, it read as though there were only three people in the mayor’s race, and Sadler and Dixon were not among them.

The North Shore News also appears to have made the choice to selectively profile certain Council Candidates. For example, in the City of North Vancouver Pam Bookham received a half-page story with a large photo announcing her candidacy, while Jason Kanigan appears to have been snubbed.

Is there a bias in the local media when it comes to Municipal campaigns? If I make a huge advertising commitment to my campaign can I expect better coverage? Can incumbants expect bigger stories? Does strong-armed politics play a part in how the media covers Elections?

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