North Shore Waterfront Industrial Association Steps into North Vancouver Election Campaign

The North Shore Waterfront Industrial Association, representing major industry located in North Vancouver, has released a study entitled, “Potential for Cost Savings Through Voluntary Combining of Services by the City of North Vancouver and the District of North Vancouver”, that evaluates the potential for cost efficiencies from the voluntary combining of certain City and District operations.

The study compares the City and District’s separate and combined costs with two similar sized communities — Coquitlam and Delta.

NSWIA chair Malcolm McLaren says they want residents to ask their candidates to commit themselves to finding better ways to spend tax monies through the cooperative sharing of services on the North Shore. He added, “The study results show the magnitude of the potential savings to all North Vancouver taxpayers to be as high as $45 million dollars, or about 25%.”

The study was completed without the help of the District or City staff, and compiled using data that is available to the public. spoke with Malcolm McLaren the Chair of the NSWIA, about the report and why they have decided to release it in the midst of the election campaign. To listen to the interview click on the microphone icons below:

NSWIA Interview: Part 1

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NSWIA Interview: Part 2

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The full report can be downloaded at the NSWIA website:

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