Bill Tieleman leaves the Bill Good Show on CKNW AM 980

I am sorry to report that I will no longer be appearing on the Bill Good Show on CKNW AM 980 and stations of the Corus Radio Network.

I have greatly enjoyed commenting on federal, provincial and other politics every Monday morning with Bill Good and Norman Spector since 2005.

During the time I also had the unique and great opportunity to fill in as guest host on a number of CKNW radio programs, including Nightline BC, the World
Today and the Cameron Bell Show.

I want to sincerely thank first and foremost Bill Good, who has been a colleague, supporter and friend, for his encouragement.

I also want to give my thanks to his producers present and past – Rebecca Scott and Craig Sorochan now, Carly Nicol and Susan Kleiderman Neal before that. Working with all of them has been a pleasure.

CKNW News Director Ian Koenigsfest surprised and delighted me a few years back by asking me to try hosting – something I had never considered and which terrified me at first. Hopefully it was successful and if nothing else, it gave me new respect for everyone who hosts a regular program – it ain’t easy.

Norman Spector and I have argued, debated and often surprisingly agreed on many federal and other political issues during our weekly session. While I have many times had fundamental disagreements with Norman it has alwasy been an intelligent, spirited and informed dialogue that I will miss.

Unfortunately, I was not able to come to an agreement with CKNW management to continue appearing on the Bill Good Show but I wish everyone there all the best and hope to appear on occasion with Bill and on the station’s other programs.

It’s been a good run and while I’m very sorry it has ended, one door closes and another opens.

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