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  • This is hilarious, and yet another reason why several local news outlets (according to various sources) will never turn to him for another story ever again.  I shouldn’t bother, but I will bet getting a clarification about these empty claims directly from the source of the interview in short order.
  • George voted about an hour ago, and friends on the campaign tell me that a lot of volunteers that they have never seen before have showed up this morning to help, which is an encouraging sign.  Those same sources who hold some pretty high level positions on the campaign tell me that even though they figure Ford might be up 4-5 points, they are relying on the sober second thought that undecided and Joe Pantalone voters might have when they enter the ballot box and consider the implications of a Ford mayoralty.  More updates throughout the day if anything of interest comes my way.
  • This is a great story to emerge out of the biking agenda that Vision Vancouver is advancing.  1,000 delegates is nothing to scoff at, and the fact that it is moving outside of Europe for the first time shows that Vancouver – with a little promotion from Tourism Vancouver and the City of Vancouver – is receiving some international recognition for its recent efforts.  Just like Vancouver became a hot spot gay-friendly tourism destination over the past five years, the city has a similar opportunity to tap into the global population of cycling enthusiasts, which could provide a nice new stream of revenue for the struggling tourism sector (this is a little dated, but it gives you an idea of the potential).
  • Oh yeah, and the gloves seem to be off…and from what I am hearing, this internal family squabble within the NPA extends much father than the blogosphere.  Sullivan supporters hated Ian Robertson’s speech last week at the fundraiser, just as Robertson supporters could barely lift their hands to offer a single clap for Sullivan.  And then there is of course the Anton factor, who seems to be a unifying force in one sense – in that everyone in the party thinks and agrees that she would be an unmitigated disaster as the NPA’s Mayoral candidate.  These guys don’t ever learn, and the unity that Vision has enjoyed over the past two years (caucus and otherwise) and which will continue to operate within long into the campaign will be a huge boon when fighting against a group of factions trying to assume control of one party banner.
  • Kinsella is right – Nenshi’s successful campaign in Calgary, and Ford’s polling domination over the past six months, are not because of Facebook or Twitter.  It is about the style of campaign, the messaging being put out, and most importantly, the volunteer power that each has to draw upon.  I know that Twitter is a very cool way to access people’s mobile devices (although it is still the 35 and under crowd that is predominantly fanatic about the phenomenon), but is it truly a driver to get out and vote?  That is yet to be determined.  I am a traditionalist, and tend to focus in on Nenshi having an army of 700 loyal students (his, not his, past, present, etc.) because of his university background as the key to his victory.  Anyways, the revolution may be here in terms of technology, but it certainly hasn’t given people more of an impetus to get off their asses and vote – particularly when it comes to municipal elections.  Not yet anyway…
  • A new bullet to add to Quick Hits each week – the song of the week.  Today’s pick is “Getting Nowhere” by Magnetic Man featuring John Legend.  I am really digging this right now, and it can be found here for your listening pleasure.  This actually might be a great song for the NPA’s future Mayoral candidate to come out on stage to.
  • This speech seemed to go over well for the individuals I spoke to who were in attendance.  The business community has done relatively well under Vision Vancouver, in spite of the Hornby and Dunsmuir propaganda.  The business tax shift has been a great step forward to evening the playing field for businesses, and in spite of the fact that it is going to be a tough budget consultation process from the voters that will either return him to office or make another choice, Robertson is sticking to his guns.  It would be nice to have a few more of the businesses that are happy with this initiative to stand up and speak up for this Council, but that his another topic for another day.
  • The Sam Sullivan for Mayor rumours are beginning to grow.  Faced with the prospect of two electeds who inspire few, and lacklustre interest from potential candidates outside of the political fold, Sullivan has been approached by several of the higher-ups in the NPA (including some current board members) to step forward and make his candidacy a reality.  From those on the side that will be battling against these folks, all I can say that there are equally as many begging, pleading and praying that this scenario comes to fruition.

Ok, that’s all for this morning.  Back later in the day with a clarification about some spurious claims, and tonight’s Toronto election results.

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