NDP touts Campbell resignation as party “victory”

The NDP promotes "Facebook parties" to celebrate Campbell's resignation

The reaction to Gordon Campbell's unexpected announcement was barely sinking in when only 15 minutes after he had finished making his short remarks announcing his resignation, the BC NDP circulated an email bulletin to rank and file supporters titled "A Victory For Every British Columbian". The tone of the message was that of class warriors, and in marked contrast to the verbal comments made by NDP leader Carole James – see the video courtesy of Public Eye Online.

In front of the cameras James thanked Gordon Campbell for his service, and credited him for mentioning the sacrifice of his family while serving in public office. While at the same time the missive distributed by her party was hardly as generous. Here, below, is the message sent out by the NDP around noon on Wednesday.

A Victory For Every British Columbian

This morning, Gordon Campbell announced his resignation as premier of British Columbia. In his nearly ten years as premier, Campbell has left a path of destruction and misery throughout our province.

He led the charge to cut funding for schools, hospitals, and vital social services. He has kept the minimum wage frozen for a decade, while raising his own salary.

He lied to our province about the HST. He was a divisive leader, who pitted British Columbians against one another, rather than uniting people to solve our common issues.

This moment is a victory for every British Columbian who has opposed nearly ten years of the BC Liberals’ reckless agenda. It’s a victory for every teacher and healthcare worker who has walked a picket line to demand better funding for students and patients.

It’s a victory for every volunteer who has helped bring change at election time, or worked to make the HST initiative a success. It’s a victory for every British Columbian. We all have a lot of work to do to build the province we want.

But with Gordon Campbell’s resignation today, change is coming to our province.

Take a moment to join with New Democrats across the province who are celebrating the end of Gordon Campbell. Organize a party with your friends and family on Facebook and in your community to celebrate this victory.

Tomorrow the work continues to build our strong alternative. But today is a great day for our province.

Let’s celebrate.


…And with that out of the way ruby slippers suddenly appeared on Carole James, and the NDP munchkins danced.

We think, however, that the NDP "victory" is going to be short-lived. With Campbell stepping down, the role of most unpopular party leader automatically goes to Carole James. In Thursday's 24 Hours newspaper my column focuses on the future leadership prospects of both the NDP and BC Liberals, and how Campbell’s decision will have an immediate impact on the career of Ms. James.

My colleague at 24 Hours Bill Tieleman provides his take on why Campbell had to step down – the HST. Tieleman of course was a driving force behind the grassroots campaign he led with Bill Vander Zalm and Chris Delaney. By knocking off Campbell, the anti-HST forces did one better by giving Carole James no option but to step down as well.

That leaves both the BC Liberals and the BC NDP looking for new directions at the same time. So while the NDP sing ‘ding dong the wicked witch is dead’, they may want to take note that a house is about to come crashing down on them as well.

UPDATE: The BC Liberal Party has just announced that they are rescheduling their party convention. No new date has yet been announced.

- post by Mike

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