Goodbye 2010! Hello civic election year

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Happy New Year to all of our readers!

It’s New Year’s Eve and the staff at CityCaucus Towers are all grumbling today about the fact we’ve asked them to work until 5 pm. Unfortunately we need them to stay late to keep researching some of the big stories we’re working on for early in 2011!

What follows is our summary of some of the top stories we covered this year. Tomorrow we’ll provide you with sampling of our top video hits. Have a great celebration tonight and be sure not to drink and drive! Enjoy the look back at 2010!


2nd: Our first story of the year was about the high school fiasco in New Westminster. After years of delay, the city’s new secondary school has yet to be rebuilt

5th: An FOI we filed revealed that Vancouver City Manager Penny Ballem was deleting some emails

17th: We begin reporting on where all those free events will be at the Olympics. Our Where 2 Be for Free Guide became a smash hit

17th: A report comes out at Vancouver City Hall that says the arts granting system is not a corrupt system but it’s influencable

26th: We report that Vancouver civic officials and their spouses get free tickets to the Olympics

31st: A video about one man’s love for the Olympic Games caught our attention when it had less than 100 views. Over 800,000 views later it still inspires.  Do you believe?


2nd: Global TV anchor exlusively provides us with his picks for best free Olympic venues

12th: Prime Minister invites for a sneak peek of the new 2010 Canada Pavilion

22nd: We ask why Vancouver School Board didn’t close down public schools during the Games

24th: 2010 Olympics: The People’s Games – a video retrospectiveolympic-torch-at-night


2nd: A few Vancouver city councillors decide to use taxpayer funds for a business trip to Harrison Hot Springs

5th: We confirm that Vancouver City Manager Penny Ballem did get her pay raise after all

12th: Was Gregor Robertson caught in a lie over firing of City’s Chief Electrical Inspector?

18th: Five more Vancouver city councillors head to Harrison Hot Springs

23rd: Vancouver Courier city hall columnist quits as City beekeeper

26th: DERA housing accused of corruption


1st: We dig deeper into the man behind Mayor Gregor Robertson. Who is Joel Solomon?

2nd: Vision finally reveals the plans for their backyard chicken schemehomelessness photo.jpg

8th: A report reveals homelessness is up by 12% in Vancouver since the civic election.

20th: Mayor Gregor amends his election commitment to "end homelessness" by 2015 to "end street homelessness"

28th: The Vancouver School Board participates in a class warfare


2nd: City of Vancouver puts up netting to catch falling concrete from Burrard St Bridge

4th: The public weighs in on concept of a homeless shelter for backyard chickens

4th: Mayor Gregor blames rookie cop for giving a homeless person a ticket

13th: Who just bought the domain name for the Mayor of Vancouver?

14th: Robin Adair calls it quits at Vancouver City Hall

16th: Vision Vancouver leaks out that Gregor Robertson approval numbers at 78%

28th: Vancouver rated the most walkable city


2nd: Vision Vancouver allows community centres to go political

7th: Neighbourhood groups express deep concerns about the amount of money from developers going to fund Vision Vancouver

11th: Another video that went viral. Remember that little mishap where a construction crew took down a few concrete walls that landed on the sidewalk below?

21st: A plan to use density to provide Vancouver artists with $700,000 goes up in smoke when councillors too afraid to subdivide a lot

24th: It is revealed that Gregor Robertson gave FD Element $50K in no-bid contracts

26th: Just who exactly were Mayor Gregor and his Chief of Staff meeting while they were in New York?

29th: We report on Joel Solomon’s 500 year plan for the planet


8th: City of Vancouver admits they could have done more to prevent the little construction mishap that happened the month prior

10th: Foodies give the City of Vancouver’s street vendor program a big thumbs down

13th: Mayor Gregor’s summer from hell begins after his infamous "effin NPA hacks" comment

22nd: Dianne Watts says she wants to run again as Mayor of Surreydianne watts

27th: Our homemade video goes viral as "Red Light Robertson" makes from page headlines

29th: Vision’s campaign debt erased thanks to big donations from big developers


2nd: Public sector salaries on the rise in BC

6th: We offer some recommendations on how to make civic government more inclusive

19th: Were reports of the NPA’s demise a bit premature?

22nd: Mayor Gregor plans $260K renovations to City Hall. Includes a councillor dining room.

29th: Vancouver Mayor benefits from $1000 per day no-bid contract

31st: We exlusively break a story on plummeting staff morale at Vancouver City Hall


6th: We review Mayor Gregor’s summer from hell

14th: Mayor Gregor goes to China and extoles the virtues of communism

14th: Blogger scandal at City Hall begs changes in Robertson’s administration

26th: Dianne Watts pushing her green agenda

30th: Vision plans to put up a new community garden at Sunset Beach

30th: Olympic Village becomes Gregor’s biggest nightmare


3rd: Michael Geller provides his reality check on the Olympic Village development

4th: We release a letter Gregor Robertson gave to council when he was NDP MLA. Calls for more money to be spent at Athlete’s Village development.

5th: Mayor Gregor’s aide caught partisan politiking on taxpayer’s dimeThumbnail image for Gregor Robertson Mitsubishi i Miev

8th: Hornby bike lane consultation process proven to be a sham

12th: Jim Green feeling the heat

14th: Bike Lanes Make Me Hornby t-shirts not the hit Vision was expecting

29th: Metro Vancouver raises taxes by 5.8%. Ouch.


1st: We break the news that the City’s FOI Manager quits cause he says he can no longer do his job

4th: Vision Vancouver sneaks in another late-distribution report. This time on cuts to Olympic Village social housing commitments.

7th: Mayor Gregor’s poll numbers continue to tumble.

9th: Kangaroo Council. Protestors take over Vancouver City Hall. We produce a short video.

14th: Are pedestrians an afterthought in Vancouver. We argue that they are.

27th: An NPA government must be more open than Visionnpa-cope-vision-logo

30th: More bad polling news for Mayor Gregor


3rd: Eco-friendly tree cutters have locals hopping mad

8th: COPE’s Tim Louis provides his report card on Vision

13th: Gang warfare breaks out and we review Mayor Gregor’s shaky record

20th: Were two Vancouver councillors in a conflict of interest? They say no.

24th: Bruce Allen provides Vision Vancouver with a Christmas gift

28th: Questions are raised regarding whether the City of Vancouver did enough to prevent a tragedy on Pandora Street where three men died in a fire

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