Stuart MacKinnon and Ian Robertson prove their transparent politics

Mackinnon was on the horn last night, while Robertson didn't even bother to show up – much like this picture from the Kerrisdale Community Centre.

An inch deep and a mile wide…that seems to be the best description of the opposition when it comes to budgetary issues regarding the Vancouver Park Board.

Political observers might remember the joint press release sent out by Green Park Board Commissioner Stuart Mackinnon and NPA Park Board Commissioner Ian Robertson.

Yet in spite of that precursor, yesterday’s Council meeting (which had in excess of 30 speakers interested in offering their opinions on the budget) offered performances (or a lack thereof) that didn’t exactly live up to the bluster.

First, Robertson didn’t even bother to show up, in spite of being on the list of scheduled speakers.

Furthermore, Mackinnon made his speech, and literally bolted out of the room after refusing to take questions about his presentation from Council.  From the way I heard it, Mackinnon’s dust was still in the air by the time the next speaker came up to the podium.  Why he was in such a rush to leave is still a mystery.

Similarly, after crying foul about the cuts to the Park Board on Tuesday, NPA Councillor Suzanne Anton had little to talk about after Park Board Chair Aaron Jasper finished his presentation.  She took issue with the fact that Jasper was speaking solely on behalf of the Vision Vancouver caucus rather than the whole Board.  He explained that he could not speak for the other Commissioners from different parties, as his position as Chair did not give him license to present their positions.

And then, Anton was quiet, having nothing else to ask about the proposed budget cuts and the case that was made by Jasper.

In all cases, the opposition that tried so desperately to achieve a news hit in their objections to the budget cuts to the Park Board, didn’t follow through with anything of substance.

Political grandstanding doesn’t only reside with Mackinnon anymore, as his new alliance with the NPA seems to have caused that particular tactic to be passed on.

Meanwhile, it seems as though Jasper’s presentation was a hit, and maybe…just maybe…there will be some kind of concession offered as a result of a strong working relationship between the finance chair (Raymond Louie) and the Vision Park Board caucus.

When I called Jasper to find out whether he thought that there might be adjustments made to their proposed cuts, he was non-committal and had little to say.  He did, however, tell me that he was “very positive about the way the presentation was received” and was “optimistic” that something could be worked out.

The next week of negotiating should be interesting.

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