A grace note from a recall organizer


The proponent for the recall campaign in Kamloops-North Thompson has weighed in with a forthright denunciation of the threats against Craig James, the province's acting chief electoral officer.

Chad Moats also defended James handling of the recall issue, disputing allegations from other recallers that he's been acting to undermine their efforts.

Moats wrote me as a follow-up to the column in Friday's newspaper, where I noted the churlish response from some other recallers to news reports on the threats and increased security for James.

"I would like to point out that on the Murray Langdon show on (Victoria radio station) CFAX , yesterday morning. I specifically stated that, if any of the volunteers on the recall campaign in Kamloops wrote any threatening letters, they would be immediately removed from participating in the campaign." wrote Moats.

"I do not condone the threats against Craig James, nor do I support the belief that he is purposely undermining the recalls.

"I believe that coming from the clerk of (legislature) committees role" — James posting before the government appointed him chief electoral officer on an acting basis — "Mr. James has brought with him the eye for detail and sticking to the rules that are necessary for that role.

"Regards, Chad Moats, Organizer/Proponent, Kamloops-North Thompson Recall."

Thanks to Moats for passing along those comments. And I would add a word of praise to him for his gracious handling of the issue.

In answer to a question posed by a reader, and as noted in the column, the threats against James were of course reported. That is how he ended up with increased security at his home and office.



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