Christy Clark hit by V for Vendettas – Tunisian coup, coup de grace from Pat Bell & Shirley Bond

Who launched the Vendetta against Christy Clark?

Christy Clark’s campaign for the BC Liberal leadership appears to be the subject of several vendettas – from a hacker taking over part of her website Sunday to former cabinet colleagues Pat Bell and Shirley Bond endorsing arch-rival Kevin Falcon today.

CKNW exclusively reported that Clark's website was altered by someone describing themselves as "Ali the Tunisian hacker" – who posted a Guy Fawkes mask like the one from the movie V for Vendetta and music in place of Clark's membership signup page. 

CKNW says one of the Tunisian hacker's messages was: "Until you learn how to make your website secure, let me tell you that the party is over."

But it was this morning when two of the remaining cabinet political heavyweights – Prince George’s Bell and Bond – gave their considerable support to Falcon that the party for Clark seemed to be over.

Clark remains deadlocked with just one minor BC Liberal MLA backbencher – Harry Bloy – on her side more than 6 weeks after launching her campaign amidst much hoopla and speculation from polling that she was the frontrunner.

But frontrunners always get – and must have – support from their party's caucus members.  Clark still doesn't and the pickings are getting very slim.

And while Clark got the headlines and support from ex-news anchor Pamela Martin and several former MLAs, it’s George Abbott and Falcon who have sewn up most of the current caucus members.

Falcon now has 15 MLAs on his side, while Abbott boasts 17 MLAs, including ousted from the caucus BC Liberal Bill Bennett and controversial Kash Heed.

Meanwhile "Open Mike" de Jong pulled a large crowd of 700 mostly from the South Asian community in Surrey on Sunday, his caucus support so far is an empty phone booth – no one.

Moira Stillwell is also blanco in the MLA support tally.

When will de Jong and Stillwell pull the plug on their campaigns and fall in with one of the frontrunners?  Because that looks like the best option for both.

And will Christy Clark consider doing the same?


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