Crown seeks return of Basi-Virk documents in court Monday – hearing set for Feb 16

The Crown in the Basi-Virk case has been given the right to a hearing February 16 in its efforts to seek the return of disclosure evidence provided to defence lawyers.

Bill Tieleman & David Basi
outside court

As has so often been the case in the Basi-Virk/BC Legislature Raid case, a hearing date changed and many observers were unaware until too late that the Tuesday 2 p.m. previously scheduled time was moved to Monday at 2 p.m.
Fortunately my Vancouver Sun colleague Neal Hall was able to attend and has filed a full report.

As readers here know, there has been some controversy around this issue, with RCMP Superintendent Kevin Debruyckere telling me exclusively last year that return of disclosure evidence is standard practice and that it would be retained for 10 to 12 years – long enough for any public inquiry to access it.

Others strongly doubt that and fear it would be destroyed, making an inquiry useless.


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