Even an older white guy can admit his mistakes …

I want to begin this blog with a profound apology to all the NDP feminists I have undoubtedly offended recently with my ill-conceived criticisms of the gender parity protocols embedded in the party constitution.
Those protocols demand that a certain number of NDP MLAs and candidates be women and that at least one of the party’s senior positions (leader, president and treasurer) be held by a women.

The light went on for me when I read Harry Lali’s leadership campaign launch speech.

Outlining his vision for the rebuilding of the NDP brand the Fraser-Nicola MLA said: “We need to empower women and equity groups through an incentive-based and target- based approach, but not through equity quotas.”
Up to that point I was with him.
Harry embraces older white guy
Then he said: “Equity quotas are anti-democratic and discriminate, specifically against older, white males. As leader I would welcome back older, white males into our NDP family. I say to older, white males – don’t stand outside the tent and complain – come and join my campaign team and take back this great party and movement that you helped to build in the first place.”
Only Harry could so effortlessly slide from the sublime to the ridiculous.
Ladies, I get it. It’s not you … it’s the Lali OWG Syndrome! (Older White Guy.)
Harry also said he’d have no problem “if there is blood on the NDP convention floor due to full, honest and meaningful debate of contentious issues … it excites youth who are intimately attracted to open debate.”
Dammit Harry, I think you’re going to regret wishing for that.
As an older white guy myself, I have to say this: Harry, you say you want us pale faces in the tent, but in reality you are engaged in an all out tug of war with fellow MLA Adrian Dix (a leadership candidate yet to declare) to stuff as many Indo-Canadians as possible in the same tent before the membership sign up deadline this month.
Speaking for older white guys across this province, I think you’re just toying with us.

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