Friday fun poll: ever carry something really cumbersome on transit?

A suitcase can be stowed under a seat on the Canada Line.

It’s the first fun poll of 2011! And we’re going back to our roots with a transit behaviour question.

As we’ve just passed through the holiday season, I’ve seen many a customer having to haul luggage or giant gifts on the bus or train, while trying in vain to stay out of people’s way.

So, all double entendres aside—have you ever had to lug something big and awkward on transit for a ride?

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For all of us who have done it and survived, you know it’s not easy to carry a huge box or bag on transit. So I’d especially love to know you have any tips for making a cumbersome object easy to transport on a bus or train. Do you just skip out on the system and find a car for these big trips? What if you don’t have the option of a car? Share your war stories in the comments :)

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