ICBC numbers suggest Hornby bike lane will make big safety contribution for cyclists

Mike Howell’s report in the latest Courier highlights ICBC statistics showing Second and Main was the worst location in the city for crashes involving cyclists (22) between 2005 and 2009.

But six of the top 10 most dangers intersections were on Burrard: at Davie (18 crashes), Pacific St. (15 including both on and off ramps), Chestnut and Cornwall at the south end (15), Robson (10), Fourth Ave., (9) and Smithe (9).

Each end of the Burrard Bridge will undergo a complete redesign as a result of the upcoming remediation. That should go a long way to resolve festering problems there.

All the other locations, with the exception of Fourth Ave., are on the alignment selected for the Hornby bike lane, which was judged the best route to link the Burrard Bridge with the Dunsmuir bike lane. These numbers suggest that Hornby lane will do important service as a safer route downtown.

Anyone who has attempted Burrard on the current painted lanes on Burrard — as I have — can attest to the fact that riding downtown between buses on the right and speeding cars on the left is not for the faint of heart.

But safety is only one of the measures for the bike lane evaluation. City staff will also be considering the number of trips, traffic impacts and business impacts.

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