Is internet voting coming to a municipality near you?

Two City of Vancouver Councillors are pushing for the idea.

Markham, Ontario has used internet voting with their advanced polls since 2003. It has not been implemented on voting day because of concerns that the website might not handle a last minute voting surge. 2003 advanced polls were higher than previous years but, the same can not be said for 2006 and 2010 however, voter turnout is claimed to have been higher for those with accessibility issues and for those over the age of 50 (most likely because of time constraints associated with busy schedules). Unfortunately the youth vote turnout was apparently unchanged meaning it was still low.

Security was not considered anymore of an issue than banking online.

Personally unless I had an unusually busy schedule or was going to be away on voting day, I would still make my way to my local polling station, usually a recreation centre or school gym. There’s something satisfying about approaching the ‘alphabetical table’, sometimes waiting in line, entering that cardboard booth enclave, and X’ing the ballot with that stubby lil‘ pencil.

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