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Shortly after the NDP took We The Media on a tour of their new war room, John Baird held a press conference to express his disappointment in their partisan games,  they’re not in campaign mode… oh, and to reiterate the point about corporate tax cuts. Funny how Baird took the media on a tour of the Conservatives’ new war room a couple of years ago while still insisting they wanted to Make Parliament Work™.

(By the way, something I noticed but didn’t really clue in to until after I made my previous post was that the newly renovated headquarters really didn’t look or feel “lived in.” There was nothing on the desks, no personal items or photos on the cubicle walls – it was all pretty sterile.)

Incidentally, during the tour of the war room, the NDP’s national director, Brad Lavigne, had a bit of a rant about the “unfair subsidy” of senators involved in fundraising. He then went on to say that elected senators wouldn't go around raising money for their parties in such a manner. This, of course, is because they’d be too busy fundraising millions of dollars for their own reelection campaigns. Seriously – American senators spend pretty much every free moment fundraising. Suffice to say, this is probably not Lavigne’s best analogy.

What’s that? Concerns that Harper’s paternalistic, staying-up-late political ad is a demonstration of him trying to be head of state? Who said he doesn’t have presidential envy?

And Maclean’s satirist Scott Feschuk annotates Harper’s five-year anniversary speech. Also, Peter Tinsley, the former head of the Military Police Complaints Commission (and now a star Liberal candidate) takes issue with Harper’s claim that he rules through hope and not fear, and given that Tinsley is one of the watchdogs who Harper silenced, he knows what he’s talking about.

Up today – more of the Liberals’ winter caucus, where Michael Ignatieff will be giving a speech and inviting the media to attend.
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