Kevin Falcon: I am not a Gordon Campbell


B.C. Liberal leadership hopeful Kevin Falcon has hastened to assure would-be supporters that his style of leadership should not be confused with that of the man he is seeking to replace, Premier Gordon Campbell.


"Kevin Falcon on his leadership style," is a taped segment of about one minute posted on the Falcon for leader website and also available via You Tube.


The comment is framed as a response to the following question: "When it comes to leadership, some say that you and the other candidates are too much like Gordon Campbell. How do you respond to that?"


"Well I think every leader has their own style," says Falcon. "Certainly I would have a different style than Gordon Campbell."


He then offers what might be taken as a critique of the Campbell style, framed as a personal preference for a different approach.


"I happen to believe one of the best ways you can lead is by emphasizing the strength of your team.


"We have some exceptional MLAs in the caucus of the government of British Columbia.


"I think that the best style of leadership is one that actually promotes the team because when you promote the team you strengthen your support base with the public."


In which regard, the role model that springs to mind for Falcon is not Premier Campbell.


"The best example I'll give of that style of leadership is the former premier Bill Bennett," he says.


"The former premier was well known for giving a lot of leash to his cabinet ministers and caucus members and allowing them to really develop a profile.


"But there was never any doubt about who was in charge and they were held accountable if they fell down and didn't do their job properly."


Then, the summing up:


"To me that's the right style of leadership because at the end of the day, a government should not be about one person. A government should be about a team and when you have such a strong team as we do in this party, that's the kind of leadership that Kevin Falcon will want to govern with."


Not necessarily the Kevin Falcon that others will know.


But I'd say he's been stung by the suggestion that among the six candidates for the Liberal leadership, he is the one who would do most to perpetuate the Gordon Campbell, premier-centred style of leadership.



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