Mark your calendars February 12th for a 2010 Games post-party

One of the famous blue-coated 'traffic lifeguards at Cordova & Howe St. (video)

During the lead up to the 2010 Games many wondered why the City of Vancouver didn’t put any effort into generating public spirit for the events. It became so obvious that we gave Vancouver the gold medal in Olympic sleepwalking.

As we know now the celebration that took place last year surpassed everyone’s expectations. Even the highly critical Brits are saying to themselves now that London 2012 needs to capture Vancouver’s passion.

So the question people began to ask a month or so ago was would a 1st anniversary ‘post-Games’ celebration be staged? Certainly there is a lot of enthusiasm from former blue coats (volunteers) looking to re-capture some of the magic from last February. Both CTV and GlobalTV have done stories asking whether a party is coming, but some are wondering why the City and Province are being so quiet about it.

Are they planning to hold a ‘surprise party’ instead?

We can confirm that there will indeed be celebrations at select location on February 12th. GlobalTV reports that Richmond is holding festivities at the Oval, and Charles Gauthier of the DVBIA says Granville Mall will once again host street hockey and entertainers.

Details on everything that will be happening will be announced next Friday, January 21st. Look for a big focus around the Olympic Cauldron (aka Jack Poole Plaza).

For political watchers Feb. 12th will be an interesting day as well. It’s the day of a special convention of the BC Liberals, with all the leadership candidates being downtown along with their many supporters. It should be quite a party, and we’ll provide details on or via Twitter as they become available.

UPDATE: 24 Hours reporter Bob Mackin reveals long range plans to spend funds on post-Olympics legacy events.

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