NDP candidate John Horgan … goes on a spirit journey

Horgan visits Land of the Spirits 

You’ve got to hand it to NDP MLA John Horgan, he’s really nailed the spirit lodge vote in the opening moments of his gambit to seize the leadership of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition.
Before bidding on the political sweat lodge just being vacated by Carole James, Horgan consulted with a spiritual elder from the T’Sou-ke First Nation on Vancouver Island. Apparently, his spirit guide could not foresee a Night of the Long Knives in the Juan de Fuca MLA’s immediate future.
“She looked inside my soul and cleared away any doubt I had, and advised me that my cause was just and my heart was pure and I should take the journey,” Horgan says, calling it his personal “turning point.”
Gees, is this a remake of Dances With Wolves or just more political posturing? I’m having trouble suspending my overwhelming sense of disbelief.
And, this he quickly follows with a visit to a sweat lodge of another dimension … lunch today with the BC Business Council where Hogan was scheduled to discuss energy policy.
As the peace pipe was being passed around the room Horgan was expected to tell Vancouver business leaders that they should not fear his coming because he’s actually a member of the Carole James Pro-business tribe.
“I’m going to continue along that road,” Horgan said Monday referring to James’ much maligned desire to open lines of communication with business. “I supported Carole’s view and vision for the BC economy. In fact, I am going to dial it up a little bit.”
He added: “My vision for BC includes a vibrant private sector, but it also includes provision of public services …”
Business people familiar with Horgan’s hard ass approach to BC’s economically pivotal energy sector may have left the lunch suspecting the newest leadership contender speaks with forked tongue. When Horgan uses a phrase like “vibrant private sector” he is specifically not talking about private sector run of river power developers. And, when he talks about the “provision for public services” he’s really talking about policies designed to safeguard the jobs of BC Hydro union members.
When it comes to BC energy policy the NDP position is that BC Hydro should be the only public agency developing power in BC. The party has adopted this position because BC Hydro’s dominant union, the Canadian Office & Professional Employees Union (COPE 378), considers its interests to be threatened by independent power producers.
However, to deflect attention from COPE’s over-arching self interest, the NDP has demonized independent power producers and has claimed the Liberals have “stripped communities of the right to say no to private power projects as part of their plan to undermine the public power system while selling our rivers to their friends.”
In fact, run of river projects are subject to extensive permitting that can take up to two years to complete and involve input from local communities, First Nations and the provincial and federal governments. Further, the land on which projects are built remains in the public domain with land lease and water rental payments being made to Victoria.
Regardless, the NDP’s conspiracy theory has become sacred doctrine and has been swallowed whole by a legion of higher purpose eco nabobs and stooges like Rafe Mair and his band of one trick ponies.
Horgan, for now the best hope the NDP has of rebuilding, says: “I think I can bring a sense of confidence and renewed hope … across BC.”
Why am I hearing: Same old, same old?

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