On the use of public and government space for partisan purposes

In response to Kady O’Malley’s inquiry yesterday, a Conservative staffer sent along the following:

Liberal Express on the Hill-

Ignatieff asking people to join Liberal Party in a video shot in his Centre Block office –

Ignatieff asking for ideas for his Montreal policy conference-


Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff launched his 20/11 tour on Parliament Hill, speaking to reporters before launching a pre-election tour of 20 ridings targeted by. (Postmedia News. Janu 13, 2011)


Stephane Dion Green Shift Promotional Video. Shot at a Liberal caucus meeting on the Hill-

In 2004, Paul Martin shot an ad at Harrington Lake, the prime minister’s official country residence. (Toronto Star. June 3, 2004.)


Postscript: The ad is one of two shot at Harrington Lake, a posh, countrified residence that past prime minister Jean Chretien didn’t much like to use because it had been such a favoured haunt of his Conservative predecessor, Brian Mulroney. A second Martin ad was shot outside the residence and has yet to air. (Canadian Press. May 26, 2004)


Martin is featured prominently in one French television ad that hit airwaves on Tuesday. Partially filmed at his official summer residence at Harrington Lake, Que., Martin concludes the 30-second spot by saying Quebecers want a strong voice that will represent their interests. (Canadian Press. May 19, 2004)


In 1997 Jean Chretien filmed ads at 24 Sussex, which featured the then-PM listing the government’s successes. (Marketing Magazine. May 12, 1997)

In Chretien’s new TV spots that begin airing today, the Prime Minister slams tax cuts and In the other ad, he criticizes right-wing endorsement of a two-tiered health-care system and vows Liberals will preserve its universality. “Every Canadian is entitled to the best health care in the world,” Chretien says. “It is your right and we will protect it.” Both 30-second Liberal ads are filmed at the Prime Minister’s official residence at 24 Sussex Drive in Ottawa (Toronto Star. May 4, 1997)


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