Once and for all, Amalgamation

The 2011 Property BC Assessment notices are in and property values are up as much as 20 percent on the North Shore.

City of North Vancouver Mayor Darell Mussatto says, the increase is both good news and bad news for local residents – depending on whether they already own property or not.

For those who don’t, “It’s now eight percent more difficult to get into the housing market,” said Mussatto in Friday’s North Shore News.

For those who do there really isn’t any good news either. The Assessment is key in determining local property taxes each year so most homeowners will see an increase for 2011.

A recent report showed the North Shore local governments are some of the highest spenders of the tax money we entrust to them as compared to other B.C. municipalities.

Is it high time to re-visit the issue of Amalgamation of the City and the District? Is it one way to potentially reduce or curb the upward spiral of municipal taxes we seem to be facing in our future?

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