The NDP shows off its renovated HQ

In a bit of pre-election chest thumping – or election-avoidance reverse psychology, take your pick – the NDP’s national director took the media on a tour of the campaign headquarters this morning, including the state-of-the-art war room.

The HQ – the top floor of a three-storey heritage building in downtown Ottawa that the party bought in 2003 – covers some 10,000 square feet and has recently been upgraded with new wiring and electronics as well as green technology, from the green roof above (the largest in the city, apparently), to the high-efficiency lighting and a bike room for people to store their bikes when they cycle into work (albeit not today, when the wind chill is -38). While there is a nominal staff of about 50 people, the HQ has the capacity to fit about 150 during an election.

Highlights included talk of the NDP's new database, which can be accessed and updated from either the field or the central office, supported by 10 field offices around the country. And while much of it looked like a cubicle farm, some areas had tags like “Outreach and Persuasion” or “Fundraising.” I’m sure that persuasion will be very important in the next election, seeing as they’re planning on taking all those Conservative ridings the next time around.

Their new boardroom is also where they host their “Telephone Town Hall” meetings, and to demonstrate, they had their Montreal office on the screen.

Here is the section where they design communications materials. On the screen are the designs for Jack Layton’s bus for the next election.

The war room itself has a green screen ready for rapid response communications and fundraising appeals, and they have areas now dedicated to social media (with Tweet Deck on the big screens to demonstrate), and their new NationalField software, which they purchased from the Democrats in the States, as it was used by Obama’s team during the primaries.




Also around the area are a few signs with helpful messages, though I’m not sure if they were solely for our benefit or will be there full-time.

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