The Stanley Park Children’s Farmyard: McCardell’s Lament

GlobalTV’s Mike McCardell on the final days of the Stanley Park Petting Zoo

Governments have to make tough decisions sometimes. The Vancouver Park Board decided to strike down two facilities in 2009 – the Bloedel Conservatory and the Stanley Park Petting Zoo (aka Children's Farmyard).

The former facility had a rousing campaign to save it thanks to a number of passionate supporters, and lo and behold, the facility is reporting a 33% increase in business for 2010. While they’re still not out of the woods, the Bloedel Conservatory is now marketing itself and attracting back patrons.

The Stanley Park Petting Zoo didn’t seem to get a similar reprieve. While financial sponsors appeared, the Park Board didn’t seem to think that anyone would be able to give the venue enough lift to keep it viable. Could an aggressive campaign of marketing for the Zoo at large attracted back fans of the facility? Could a membership drive perhaps worked?

Perhaps predictably the staff of the zoo, the most passionate advocates of these little animals are forbidden to talk publicly. Not many of us can afford to risk the wrath of our employers.

We won’t know because the facility is now shut down. GlobalTV’s Mike McCardell knows how to play the heartstrings of viewers, and his latest story linked above is more good work. We thought we’d share Mike’s lament.

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