Why Should the DNV be on the hook for highway upgrade?

Recent Trans Canada highway improvements extend from Chilliwack to Whistler. Have the municipalities along the way been asked to share the costs? Don’t they all benefit from the improvements? As the Editorial in the North Shore News says, “We expected the province to take the lead in rectifying the negative results that have only compounded with time, not abdicate responsibility.”

Is the City of North Vancouver being asked to share the cost of the highway upgrades at the second narrows exchange? The proposed on and off-ramps off of Brooksbank Ave. would benefit that municipality as well.

Is this proposal in line with the District’s Vision”…to be among the most
sustainable communities in the world by 2020…?”

As Clr. Nixon says, “This buys us maybe 10 years of relative ease of access but, beyond 10 years it will be back to what it was before unless we take really hard steps on mass transit to encourage people to get out of their single occupancy vehicles.”

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