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Just the headlines are enough to give three cheers for peace, order and good government. Industry Minister Tony Clement announced today that the federal government is going to look into and most likely reverse the CRTC’s decision to allow Internet metering.

Hip hip hooray.

Allowing Internet service providers to charge anyone and everyone up the wazoo for something we’ve come to expect to be unlimited for almost 20 years would have been the modern-day equivalent of banning the Potlatch. Well, maybe it’s not that draconian, but it’s pretty close. And in the future, it may have been repealed. Fortunately we won’t have to go through years of suffering before the decision is reversed.

Clement assured us all that under the little-guy-friendly watch of the Conservative government, metering Canadians’ Internet usage will never happen.

The Internet is one of the greatest inventions of all time. Cheap and unlimited access to this network of information is a bigger boon to freedom than democracy.

And last week the Egyptian government showed us that cutting off a citizenry’s access to the Internet and their communication tools is just as deplorable as profiting off of asbestos, shipping it around the world without adequate health warnings. Oh, wait…

Point is, people get pissed when they don’t have their information. And rightly so. For centuries, the Roman Catholic Church manipulated populations by delivering sermons and printing the Bible in Latin. For most of the 20th century, most media producers were at the mercy of their advertisers and not always unbiased as they often claim. Ever wonder why car culture is so pervasive in North America? Unfiltered access to information is giving us more freedom than we could have ever imagined. It’s important and access to the Internet should remain as free as Julian Assange.

So it’s nice to see Clement and the Conservatives sticking up for that freedom. It’s nice to see them telling the CRTC to forget the whole thing. Sure the big telecommunication providers are crying foul, but they still gouge us monthly on our cell phone bills. So don’t worry about them, I’m sure they’ll be just fine.

If you don’t like how the Conservatives have handled this file, vote. Vote early, vote often.

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