Since when did Coalition become such a dirty word?


Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s relentless fear mongering over the idea of a coalition government seems to reflect his belief that if you repeat something long and loud enough, it becomes true.

But given the fact that Stephen Harper proposed a coalition government with the NDP and the Bloc Quebecois himself in 2004 and is the leader of a political party that is a coalition between the Reform and Progressive Conservative parties, this argument is both hypocritical and devoid of logic.

Where does the news media fit into this? Too often the media in Canada seems to turn a blind eye on politics unless the story is completely scandalous. The media, which should by definition be playing the role of political watchdog, is too often missing the mark. It was through the proactive efforts of the Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition that Stephen Harper’s government was brought down. Now Harper, shamelessly counting on the assumed apathy of Canadians, has the audacity to ask for a majority while demonizing the concept of a coalition government. Maybe this is why the media landscape is so rapidly transforming.

What could be more democratic than a coalition government? They work in other countries. What is wrong with a coalition of leaders that are required by the constitution to work collaboratively? When did Canada lose its sense of community? Why should the concept of community and working together for a greater goal be demonized and radicalized?

Canadians are proud citizens. And as such, we have the right to demand our political community to work together. No one party will ever be perfect. Then, why not a coalition? In the context of my daily life, I find the process of building ideas and projects together much more democratic. Canada is built on the idea of cooperation. Why have we forgotten that?

Our current political leaders seem to want to break away from having to work with others, leaders who think that diversity of ideas are politically dangerous. How is this democratic? Do they even understand the definition of the word?

I think it’s unfortunate that we have a Prime Minister in charge of a government that’s been found to be in contempt of Parliament asking Canadians for a majority government. Further, his repeated attempts to discredit the idea of a coalition does nothing more than to confuse and miseducate Canadians on truly democratic ideas. Reiterating something long and loud enough, does make truth. I just hope Canadians see this in time.

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