EVENT: National Day of Action for Electoral Reform


On one of my favourite photoblogs Elastic Novice, I came across this image by Meggan Gould. From her “Blackboards” series, it included the following passage: “Layers of communication and time build up, accumulate, and are systematically obliterated.”

I thought it an apt metaphor for Canada’s electoral system. With Stephen Harper’s Conservative Party winning a majority government with only 40 percent of the popular vote, many Canadians are reminded of the need for our current electoral system to be obliterated in a way. The National Day of Action for Electoral Reform taking place in cities across Canada this Saturday, 14 May 2011 is the first post-election attempt at uniting these voices. A coalition of partners including Fair Vote Canada, Leadnow, and Quebec Solidaire have come together very quickly to organize this event. The Vancouver Rally will take place at the Vancouver Public Library, Saturday 14 May 2011 from 2pm – 6pm. If you’re interested in seeing electoral reform in Canada, you should definitely try to attend this.

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