non·par·ti·san adj. \ˈnän-ˈpär-tə-zən, -sən\
Based on, influenced by, affiliated with, or supporting the interests or policies of no single political party: a nonpartisan commission; nonpartisan opinions.

BC Vote is a new nonpartisan political blog about the democratic process in British Columbia.

Why nonpartisan? In both traditional and new media, partisan opinions and information are all too easy to find. BC Vote aims be a strong nonpartisan voice for British Columbian voters where ideas, policies, and points of view are treated fairly.

Too often, political parties make important policy decisions by speaking to their members, rather than to the public at large. People, all people, regardless of their political beliefs should benefit from good government. We hope to create a forum where all ideas and policies are treated fairly. If the policy is bad for people, it will be criticized. If a policy is good for people, it will be praised. The needs and values of constituents should always be more important than a pre-determined political agenda.

Join us in the conversation.

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