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BC’s Independent MLAs Demand Premier Clark Investigate Use of Hydraulic Fracturing

British Columbia’s two Independent MLAs are calling on Premier Clark to publicly investigate the development of the province’s unconventional gas basins and the use of hydraulic fracturing to access this resource.

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EVENT: National Day of Action for Electoral Reform

On one of my favourite photoblogs Elastic Novice, I came across this image by Meggan Gould. From her "Blackboards" series, it included the following passage: "Layers


EVENT: Panel Discussion on the Future of Electoral Reform in British Columbia

VICTORIA, BC — Democratic reform is still alive in BC! On Saturday, April 30th, the Greater Victoria chapter of Fair Vote Canada and the University of Victoria’s

Screen Capture from Canadian Taxpayers Federation video

Canadian Taxpayers Federation Compares Canada’s Debt to Troubled European Countries

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) is a federally incorporated, not-for-profit citizen’s group dedicated to lower taxes, less waste and accountable government. The CTF recently launched a new


MLA Q+A: Vicki Huntington

MLA Q+A is a new feature by BC Vote. Five questions will be presented to each of the 85 MLAs in the British Columbia Legislature. Three of these

Screen capture from

The BC Green Liberals endorse George Abbott

There was some discussion on Twitter today about the BC Green Liberals. Proving that the BC Liberal Party is turning into a very very big tent,

Amor de Cosmos

Dogwood Days: Amor De Cosmos, Father of Confederation

Amor De Cosmos, Father of Confederation Born William Alexander Smith in Windsor, Nova Scotia, on 20 August 1825, Amor De Cosmos (loosely translated as Lover of the Universe) was

A still from the BC Poverty Reduction Coalition's latest video.

BC Poverty Reduction Coalition launches new campaign

The BC Poverty Reduction Coalition recently renewed their call on British Columbia's political parties to commit to legislating targets and timelines to dramatically reduce and ultimately end poverty

Rally for Canada, 23 January 2010, Vancouver, British Columbia.

Send us those photos!

Have images of a political event in British Columbia that you want to share? We've created a Flickr pool for readers who want to share their photos

What Canada can learn from America’s problems

by Daniel D. Veniez Published first on The Vancouver Observer. Dec 22nd, 2010 I recently came across a powerful presentation on coping with the problems facing

Small Business Profile 2010: A Profile of Small Business in British Columbia

Reports and Publications — The 2010 Edition of the annual profile of small business in British Columbia is now available. The report provides information on British Columbia's small

Profil de la petite entreprise 2010: Profil de la petite entreprise en Colombie-Britannique

Reports and Publications — C'est aussi disponible en

British Columbia Small Business Counts by Development Region

Business & Industry — Data updated to

New Dems Want Inquiry into Basi-Virk Plea Bargain (in News)

Judge accepts surprise guilty plea in political corruption trial of ex-BC Liberal aides.

Ten Ingredients for a Healthy Local Food Economy (in News)

Panel of experts teams with audience to create recipe for sustainability. Please add your own.

Private Stores Far More Likely to Sell Booze to Minors (in News)

Government outlets twice as diligent in checking IDs of underage drinkers, province's study finds.

James Risks All By ‘Riding It Out’ (in Opinion)

NDP leader should consider resigning and declaring a leadership convention this spring.

City’s delays created all the problems for Olympic village, says developer Macdonald

A knowledgeable analysis of the Olympic village problems by developer Rob Macdonald in the Sun on the weekend. Although Rob doesn’t make it totally clear in

Pembina Institute director chosen as Vancouver’s new sustainability leader

This just out.

The City of Vancouver today announced the selection of Amanda Pitre-Hayes as its new Director of Sustainability.
With 18 years of experience in leadership

BC Conservative Party AGM features former PMs and campaign style speech by MP John Cummins at AGM

Top photo - Conservative MP John Cummins; bottom photo - former Newfoundland premier Brian Peckford & former BC premier Rita Johnston at BC Conservative

Hornby building shows what the community gets when extra density is granted

Scrolling through the usual wad of city reports, I came across a rezoning proposal up for public hearing Tuesday night that provides an interesting contrast to towers currently

Fraser-Nicola NDPers join call for leadership race

Last night, the provincial New Democrat constituency association in Fraser-Nicola approved resolutions calling for Cariboo North MLA Bob Simpson's reinstatement to caucus and a leadership convention in 2011,

Comox Valley NDPers want leadership review not race

The Comox Valley provincial New Democrat constituency association executive discussed party leadership issues last week. But president Kassandra Dycke told Public Eye the executive is "steadfast" in its

Cause for New Democrat celebration?

The Basi-Virk trial's abrupt conclusion today is both a good and bad news story for the provincial New Democrats. The good news is it will, in the

Dancing with himself

Could this be another indication of tension within the opposition caucus? On Sunday, Saanich South MLA Lana Popham and New Democrat president Moe Sihota were scheduled to attend

Top of Mind – October 18, 2010

Will another provincial New Democrat legislator take public action over Carole James's decision to expel Cariboo North MLA Bob Simpson from the opposition benches without consulting caucus?

Perhaps. Norm

Macdonald differs with leader’s reported statement

Norm Macdonald is publicly differing with Carole James's reported explanation for why he resigned as caucus chair. Several media outlets have quoted the party leader as stating the

Persistence pays?

British Columbians have been in a relationship with Gordon Campbell for almost ten years now. And, according to the latest Angus Reid Public Opinion poll, we don't want

Public Eye Radio – October 17, 2010 lineup

Sunday morning, on Public Eye Radio, Tory parliamentarian John Cummins discusses yesterday's provincial Conservative annual general meeting. University of Northern British Columbian political science instructor Jason Morris talks

Weekly Wrap Up – October 15, 2010

This week, Public Eye exclusively revealed:

* the provincial New Democrat caucus is severely split over Carole James's decision to expel Cariboo North MLA Bob Simpson from the

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