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In defence of Kash Heed on election spending controversy – somewhat that is

 Kash Heed before being cast adriftBC Liberal MLA Kash Heed may be unworthy of public office – but he has every right to appeal his situation to the courts – and BC Liberal Party has a lot to answer forI am no supporter of embattled BC Liberal MLA K…

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Bill Tieleman endorses Adrian Dix for BC NDP leadership

Adrian Dix, Sharon Prescott & Bill Tieleman
Tieleman Backs Adrian Dix

Christy Clark hit by V for Vendettas – Tunisian coup, coup de grace from Pat Bell & Shirley Bond

Who launched the Vendetta against Christy Clark?
Christy Clark's campaign for the BC Liberal leadership

Some NDP & BC Liberal politicos agree – BC should get rid of recall – it's not fair to Ida Chong. Unbelievable!

Stew Murray and Merv Evans staff the Fight HST petition table outside Nanaimo General Regional Hospital on

Why both NDP & BC Liberal politicians want to kill Recall & Initiative legislation

Hola from Mexico! My 24 hours/The Tyee column from Tuesday will be posted here when I rerurn Friday but you can read all about why both NDP

Bill Tieleman in Mexico – hasta luego!

Bill Tieleman in Mexico
Hola amigas y amigos!

I will be in Cabo

Ida Chong thinks Recall isn't about the HST – Ida-know where she gets that idea!

Ida Chong & her right-hand man Gordon Campbell
Ida Chong Gets the Recall Wrong

Crown seeks return of Basi-Virk documents in court Monday – hearing set for Feb 16

The Crown in the Basi-Virk case has been given the right to a hearing February 16 in its efforts to seek the return of disclosure

87 journalists killed in 2010 for reporting the truth in their countries – support Canadians Journalists for Free Expression

Bill Tieleman surveys damage after his office is broken into and trashed - December 3, 2007 -

Message to "Jake" – please stay patient

This is only a message to one person - "Jake" - the confidential information you gave me about the BC Liberal government is excellent and

Must See TV? It's gotta be BC TV – hits shows remade for BC politics!

Big Love - the BC NDP caucus story - who's on top?

BC Legislature Raid marks 7th Anniversary with call for Public Inquiry into unsatisfactory situation

Bill Tieleman outside BC Supreme Court - Lyle Stafford photo

Merry Christmas to all!

Van Dusen Gardens - Bill Tieleman photo

Wishing everyone a very happy, safe and Merry Christmas and holiday season!

Basi-Virk questions may derail Christy Clark's BC Liberal leadership train ride

Try as Christy Clark might to wave it on, her BC Rail scandal train has not left the station

Recall campaign against BC Liberal cabinet minister Ida Chong gains 4,151 signatures in just 2 weeks

The Recall campaign against BC Liberal cabinet minister Ida Chong has obtained 4,151 confirmed signatures in just two weeks.


Brutal polling results show why Gordon Campbell & Carole James both faced revolt and forced resignations

- Stephen Dyrgas photos

Cold, hard polling numbers showing neither Carole James nor Gordon Campbell could win the next election underlie a dramatic

BASI-VIRK again! Media application being heard to unseal parts of search warrants in BC Legislature Raid case today

David Basi and lawyer Michael Bolton outside BC Supreme Court

- Bill Tieleman photo

UPDATE 10 p.m. Monday


TIED – BC NDP and BC Liberals even at 36% each as both party leaders exit

Like this baseball game, the BC Liberals and NDP are all tied up in the 8th inning.

- Scott Ableman photo

NDP leader Carole James latest casualty in BC's political hurricane season – Bill Tieleman in Toronto Star

BC NDP leader Carole James announces her resignation Monday in Victoria

I was asked to explain BC politics to the Toronto Star newspaper's

How to heal a party – will BC NDP take a lesson from Australia or let bitterness – and BC Liberals – reign?

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard & Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd

- kabl 1992 photo

Will the BC New Democratic Party take a

NDP leader Carole James resignation was inevitable after 2009 election defeat

Carole James at news conference in Victoria on Monday

She Had to Go

Bill Tieleman's 24 hours/The Tyee column

BREAKING NEWS: BC NDP leader Carole James has resigned

BC NDP leader Carole James has resigned.

At a news conference going on right now James has tendered her resignation pending appointment of an

BREAKING NEWS: Premier Gordon Campbell to quit as Vancouver-Point Grey MLA after new BC Liberal leader chosen

Gordon Campbell plans to hit the highway out of politics completely

BC Premier Gordon Campbell says he will likely give up his


Carole James and NDP MLA supporters on Thursday December 2

BC NDP Caucus showdown between Carole James and 13 dissenting MLAs suddenly cancelled shortly after 2

BC Liberal operatives urge support for NDP leader Carole James' website to stay on as leader

BC Liberals use Twitter to promote signing BC NDP website petition supporting Carole James remaining on as leader

Dirty tricks? Dirty pool? Dirty deeds?

BC NDP MLA Jenny Kwan calls for leader Carole James to resign, NDP to hold leadership convention over James' failures

Jenny Kwan

BC NDP MLA Jenny Kwan is calling on the party to hold a full leadership convention to replace current leader Carole James

Christy Clark would be a highly questionable BC premier – Basi-Virk case ensure that alone

Christy Clark on air - Stephen Dyrgas photo

Hard Questions for Christy Clark

If she runs for Lib leader, she'll face

EXCLUSIVE: RCMP lead investigator Kevin deBruyckere denies allegations force wants Basi-Virk material destroyed

David Basi, centre, Aneal Basi, right & Bob Virk, farther right, face media after their trial suddenly ended with a plea bargain - Bill Tieleman photo

Elections BC rejects Recall application to remove BC Liberal MLA Ida Chong as "too wordy" by counting MLA as 5 words!


That's my view of what happened late Wednesday when the Recall application to remove BC Liberal MLA and cabinet minister Ida Chong

BC enters The Year of Living Politically Dangerously – BC Liberals and NDP both at risk

The Year of Living Dangerously - the great 1982 movie starring Mel Gibson & Sigourney Weaver directed by Peter Weir

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