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Jack Layton’s winter caucus speech

At the end of NDP’s winter “strategy session,” Jack Layton summoned the faithful to the Reading Room in the Centre Block to give them what amounted to a pre-election speech.

On the three teleprompter screens as we entered was the phrase “We

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Who needs context?

Another day, another round of pre-writ attack ads. In this installment, the Conservatives have taken something Michael Ignatieff said out of context. But really out of context

Those horrible Senate bagmen

It should not have been wholly unexpected that Jack Layton would come out to deliver an anti-Senate screed when asked, as he did yesterday when he was invited

It’s about being ready to serve the public

Midway through his party’s winter caucus, Michael Ignatieff threw open the doors to the media yesterday afternoon and delivered a rather passionate speech about Liberal priorities (home care, pensions,

Just trying to Make Parliament Work

Shortly after the NDP took We The Media on a tour of their new war room, John Baird held a press conference to express his disappointment in their partisan

The NDP shows off its renovated HQ

In a bit of pre-election chest thumping – or election-avoidance reverse psychology, take your pick – the NDP’s national director took the media on a tour of the

Toronto Pride’s de-funding was a political decision

Those intrepid folks at The Canadian Press have done it again. The fantastic Jennifer Ditchburn combed through access to information requests and found that, as expected, Toronto Pride

Attack ads: the Liberals respond in kind

The Liberals have come out with their own series of pre-writ attack ads, targeting Harper’s untendered F-35 fighter jets and corporate tax cuts. The theme of the ads?

More angst about the kirpan

As the kirpan issue continues to trundle along, Michael Ignatieff defended it in French while in Quebec, and the NDP has also given its support on the issue.

A little more about funding the Federal Initiative on HIV/AIDS

Further to my story on this year’s funding levels with the Federal Initiative to Address HIV/AIDS in Canada, there were a couple of things that didn’t make it into

Taking the multiculturalism battle to the House

After an incident where a group of Sikhs were not allowed to wear their ceremonial kirpan daggers into the National Assembly in Quebec, the Bloc Québécois has decided

Harper: Okay with the death penalty

Part two of Stephen Harper's interview with Peter Mansbridge aired last night, and wow, there were a few interesting things, like how he’s in favour of capital punishment. But hey, he’s

Release the pre-writ attack ads!

Because we’re totally not in a pre-election mode, the Conservatives are releasing a new batch of political attack ads. And hey, these ones look like they’re actually making

All eyes on Layton

Election speculation continues to swirl around, but Jack Layton’s apparent willingness to talk deals over the federal budget could mean it’s being avoided, seeing that his are some of

The war on red tape

In order to look like he’s busy doing stuff he promised to do, Harper today took to suburban Toronto to declare the War on Red Tape! Err, more specifically,

Canada: Supports Israel, but soft on Nazis

It’s been no secret that under Stephen Harper, Canada has moved away from a more nuanced and neutral position in the Middle East to one of supporting Israel

Pre-election tours abound

By now you’ve heard about the tours that Michael Ignatieff, Jack Layton and Gilles Duceppe are going on, while Harper is venturing into enemy territory of his own

Ignatieff kicks off his 20/11 tour

Twenty unheld ridings in eleven days – that’s Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff’s goal as he kicked off the tour on Parliament Hill this morning, before venturing into his first

The God-squad strikes back

In the wake of the Saskatchewan same-sex marriage decision, Conservative MP (and avowed God-squad member) Maurice Vellacott has written a letter to Saskatchewan’s justice minister asking him to implement

A marriage victory in Saskatchewan

It’s official – Saskatchewan’s top court has ruled that marriage commissioners can’t excuse themselves from performing same-sex marriages because of their own personal beliefs. Because they’re civil servants performing civil

A message about sending messages

About to embark on his cross-Canada unheld-riding tour, Michael Ignatieff offered the following: “If you vote NDP or Bloc to send Harper a message, you get Harper and

Scott Brison talks about his latest trip to Colombia

Liberal MP Scott Brison spent the past several days in Colombia, a country he has spent a great deal of time in, especially after helping to get the

Scott Brison calls out Jim Flaherty

Friday morning press conferences are pretty unusual when the House isn’t sitting, but fresh from a flight from Colombia, Scott Brison was in the National Press Theatre, denouncing

Fallout from those website exemptions

The story of the government’s exempting itself form its own rules on the Economic Action Plan website continues to reverberate around the Nation’s Capita. Of the better stories

Exempting themselves from the rules

Hold the phone. The government broke their own rules for the “Economic Action Plan” Website, but it’s okay because then-Treasury Board president Vic Toews gave them an exemption,

An update on Bill C-389

While speaking to NDP MP Bill Siksay today, I learned a few new things about the upcoming schedule for Bill C-389, which would give explicit human rights protection

A shuffle of little consequence

By now, you’ve all heard that the news of the day was that wee little cabinet shuffle. Keeping the cabinet large in a day of fiscal austerity, and all

A shuffle of little consequence

By now, you’ve all heard that the news of the day was that wee little cabinet shuffle. Keeping the cabinet large in a day of fiscal austerity, and all

A shuffle of little consequence

By now, you’ve all heard that the news of the day was that wee little cabinet shuffle. Keeping the cabinet large in a day of fiscal austerity, and all

On “Against Reform”

Now that my ostensible vacation is over, I should probably tell you about some of the things I read over the course of it. While I will heartily

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