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Canadian politics: Oy! Or not

Will next election herald final breaking of one-party rule?

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Jekyll, Hyde and the election campaign that’s begun

Harper shows two sides of himself as Layton and Ignatieff set out their

U.S. Tea Partiers run for cover

Arizona assassination attempt a moment of truth for Palin’s brand of right-wing

The state of the federal contenders

With Harper, Layton and Ignatieff preparing to duke it out, will Canadian voters bring a surprise to the electoral

Don Cherry, the eye-opener

Progressives have much to learn from Grapes, Ford, Harper and their conspiring conservative

Reconciling the irreconcilable in British Columbia

NDP woes remind us parties are composed of empowered stakeholders who will have their say, one way or

The Irish tragedy and its lessons for Canada

When a country is ‘run like a business’ its public sector bears the brunt of private-sector incompetence and

Afghanistan weighs heavy on Harper’s mind

The Prime Minister’s owes Canadians a clear explanation of his reluctant support for a seemingly indefinite

Of justice and honour on Remembrance Day

Some wars settle things that need to be settled. Is Afghanistan one of

The underlying bones don’t favour Michael Ignatieff

Polls suggest Canadians are content with Harper and Layton playing key roles in continued minority

Why progressives need guns in populist knife fight

U.S. midterms show anger and a tax cut will beat lists of complicated programs every

Rob Ford knows how to win

His opponents were unwise to underestimate him – and progressives can learn from his

Lessons learned from David Miller

Toronto’s outgoing mayor achieved much, but in the end he was insufficiently political and

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