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With a dozen MPs vulnerable, NDP faces defensive campaign

Riding-by-riding analysis suggests Jack Layton must fight hard to maintain gains made over eight years as leader

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Per-vote subsidy but a fraction of taxpayer support for political parties

Analysis shows that tax credits on donations and election expense reimbursements outpace public allowance Harper hopes to

Bloc aims for high-water mark in Quebec

Analysis suggests historic 55-seat haul is within reach for Gilles Duceppe – so long as everything goes

Polls show Sisyphean task ahead for Harper and Ignatieff

With election rhetoric heating up, neither Tories nor Liberals appear capable of making significant

With bar set low, Greens have decent shot at victory

But Elizabeth May faces razor-thin margin of error between wasted campaign and historic triumph in one of the four ridings in

Political deep freeze endures – even in hypothetical fantasyland

No Greens? No Bloc? United left? Liberal-NDP merger? Analysis suggests none of it would snap minority

More cabinet ministers mean more money and more votes

Analysis of last two elections show method to Harper’s mad expansion of ministerial

Much ventured for only slight Conservative polling gain in 2010

Analysis of latest results shows Harper headed for reduced minority – but he has moved a few steps forward since the year

Is a Tory majority even possible?

Analysis of ridings in play suggests Stephen Harper would fall just short of coveted prize even if everything goes his

Darrell Dexter faces minority amid Atlantic Canadian landslides

Incumbent governments on stable ground in Newfoundland, PEI and New Brunswick, but analysis shows NDP support waning in Nova

Liberal brand takes 10-year beating

Analysis of federal and provincial party popularity since 2000 shows red team in decline amid rising tide of Tory

Tories edge back ahead of combined Liberal-NDP forces in seat projection

But analysis of latest polls suggests Stephen Harper would shed more than a dozen MPs were an election held

Why Charest should be thankful he’s not facing Duceppe

With Quebec Liberals on track for worst showing in 50 years, projection shows Bloc Leader would lead PQ to crushing majority were he to leave Ottawa for provincial

What would an elected Senate look like?

Analysis suggests Tories would hold slim minority in Red Chamber that included Bloc and NDP members had reform began in '95 with

Why it’s tough for Michael Ignatieff to straddle the centre

Liberal Leader’s positions on certain issues are opposed by large swaths of his own

Does the Tim Hortons crowd really vote Tory?

Analysis shows one’s double-double desire has no bearing on party preference – and of leaders, it’s Ignatieff who has easiest access to

Tories would be outnumbered by Liberals and NDP in snap poll

Analysis shows all quiet on electoral front save for slight shift in opposition

Does easy access to Starbucks latte really make you vote Liberal?

Riding-by-riding analysis pours cold, stale coffee on enduring political

Saskatchewan voters flock to Brad Wall during Potash battle

With 57.3% support, projection suggests Premier would increase his grip on power and easily win second majority over faltering New

What Parliament would look like if only women voted

Michael Ignatieff would win a razor-thin minority of 110 Liberals to 108 Conservatives, analysis of polling data

Tories, NDP look secure in Manitoba but Vaughan by-election will go down to wire

Former top cop Julian Fantino and Liberal rival Tony Genco should be prepared for a late night as ballots are counted Nov.

Tories, NDP look secure in Manitoba but Vaughan will go down to wire

Former top cop Julian Fantino and Liberal rival Tony Genco should be prepared for a late night as by-election ballots are counted Nov.

Mild Tory pain means slight Liberal gain from stagnant electorate

Projection shows Harper on track for reduced 129-seat minority facing bolstered 95-member Ignatieff team, 31 New Democrats and 53 Bloc

Struggling B.C. Liberals face overwhelming rise in NDP tide

With voters ready to vent HST anger, projection suggests Campbell would be swept from office by James despite internal New Democrat

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