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Give me substance

We’ve done charisma. It didn’t work out so more

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A crazy week in BC politics

Another week in BC politics brings fresh hell for the BC Liberals...


NPA missing mojo and mayoral candidates

What if the NPA gave a nomination party and no candidates came?


“Yes we can” becomes “no we can’t.”



Did Gordon Campbell take the BC Liberals down with him when he fell?

Gordon Campbell is gone.  “Praise the Lord”.  That’s what they are saying around BC Liberal Headquarters.  “Is it too late,” is the next sentence. Probably.  The

Gordon Campbell’s tax cut wrong

Let's face it, when the economy's in trouble, or he is, the premier has only one tired strategy to shore things up: cut taxes.  Whatever the real

HST sales job: just another questionable deal in John Les’ career?

John Les is the new parliamentary secretary for HST information.  It’s worth an extra 15 grand a year -- a little gift from Premier Gordon Campbell to John.

NPAer on NPA fundraiser. Ouch!

Alex Tsakamis went to last night's NPA Fundraiser. And then he skewered it.


Why the BC Rail deal sucks. And why you should care.

It was the beginning of the end when the Basi Virk lawyers won the right to ask Martyn Brown about Kelly Reichart and Kevin deBruyckere. It was

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