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Meet Mark Holland, public enemy No. 1 for Tories

Conservatives love to hate the Liberal point-man on crime – and they’re desperate to poach his Toronto-area riding

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What will it take to win over the apathetic 85 per cent of voters?

One pollster thinks election threats are as effective as ‘year-end car sales.’ Another suggests malaise is ‘really studied indifference, not

Would Tories use an Ignatieff clip out of context? ‘Yes! Yes! Yes!’

Latest round of ads use Liberal Leader’s Howard Dean-like scream to attack his election-readiness and stand on corporate tax

Top UAE official floats face-to-face talks with Harper government

Foreign Minister willing to visit Canada in bid to resolve feud if invited by Tories, he tells Liberal MP in

Tories blast Duceppe’s attempt at budget ‘blackmail’

Separatist leader’s kitchen-sink demand for $5-billion riles

Only 15 per cent of Canadians follow politics, but Liberals see hope in the other 85

Vast majority of public appears disengaged from

Jack Layton wants to rid Senate of party bagmen and shills

NDP Leader proposes ban on appointing failed candidates and on partisan fundraising activity for those already in Red

Jack Layton wants to rid Senate of shills and party bagmen

NDP Leader proposes ban on appointing failed candidates and on partisan fundraising activity for those already in Red

NDP punk-rockers hit studio for native education

Charlie Angus teams up with former band-mate Andrew Cash to record tribute to late teen

Ignatieff’s challenge: play the hero and win back women

Liberals trail Tories by seven points amid deepening voter apathy, party pollster tells

Michael Ignatieff works Liberals into a lather

Impassioned Opposition Leader emulates Howard Dean’s scream and invokes Barack Obama’s winning slogan in speech to

It’s not the economy, poll says, it’s health care

Nearly 70 per cent reject notion that Ottawa’s focus on jobs justifies delaying discussions with provinces, CMAs-sponsored survey

Did Stephen Harper snub Peter MacKay in montage?

PM’s anniversary video shows multiple ministers, even Mike Duffy - but not the man who brought PCs into united Tory

Gratuitous corporate tax cuts or essential help for ‘job creators’?

Tories and Liberals trade barbs, change nomenclature - plus Jean Chrétien weighs in on UAE

Senate seats for Tory bagmen an ‘unfair subsidy,’ NDP complains

Bring on debate over per-vote stipened, Layton’s campaign chief says - so long as it includes taxpayer-funded salaries of his

Preaching parliamentary peace, NDP shows off election war room

Jack Layton’s iPad-toting campaign chief does the rounds of his new state-of-the-art

Liberals lean on prominent Sikh for Montreal fundraiser

Michael Ignatieff joins businessman Baljit Chadha at his Westmount mansion for $500-a-plate cocktail and conversation

Michael Ignatieff rallies Liberal hordes as House duty looms

Grit caucus gathers to hone anti-Harper message a week before MPs return to

Mulroney’s advice to Harper: Do something big

‘History remembers the big-ticket items,’ former PM says, suggesting his successor tackle health care

Liberals strike back with ads on fighter jets, corporate tax cuts

While Harper is ‘attacking people,’ Ignatieff’s team says it’s ‘attacking problems’ with campaign-style TV

What did Harper accomplish with his capital-punishment quip?

Raising the death penalty helps bolster Tory support and coffers, pollsters say, but it also leaves him open to attack and takes him off

Life under Harper brutish to some, blissful to others

Angus Reid poll finds 38 per cent of voters say they’re worse off after five years of Tory while 30 per cent say they’re faring

NDP girds for ‘next possible election window’

Tub-thumping memo shows Layton’s team gearing up to hit hustings as early as

German airline enters fray, bolsters Ottawa’s stand against UAE

Air Canada hails Lufthansa’s move as proof Harper government is right to deny additional landing rights to Gulf

Tories thumb nose at CBC demand they pull clip from ads

Party argues footage falls under fair-use provisions of copyright

Opposition heaps scorn on Harper’s death-penalty ‘agenda’

Liberals and NDP pounce after PM says he supports capital punishment personally, but won’t seek to reinstate

Top Tories bristle at Iranian film’s cancellation

Ottawa will not be bullied over controversial documentary on Tehran’s nuclear ambitions, cabinet ministers

Did Harper steal a page from Ike’s Cold War playbook?

Liberal pollster sees striking similarity between Tory ad and 1956 Eisenhower TV

Tories seek alms to keep attack ads on air

Fundraising letter goes out a day after release of pre-writ campaign targeting Ignatieff and

‘Prime minister’ Michael Ignatieff puts his critics on ice

Liberal Leader's skating video contrasts starkly with Tory attack

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