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Christy Clark promises to restore gaming money to arts groups, if elected

To ensure charities and community groups have a stable and sustainable source of funding, BC Liberal leadership candidate Christy Clark has said that that as premier she would review the current…read more

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Minute with the mayor

This is the first in a new VOTV series "Minute with the Mayor." Special, huge thanks to Anne Watson for the high quality of the video

Stop the meter on internet usage

Here's how to tell the government that you don't want Telus and Shaw charging internet usage fees. Keep the internet free in Canada. Sign Open Media's petition.

Ignatieff in West Vancouver

Michael Ignatieff answered questions and explained Federal Liberal policy at a packed event tonight in West Vancouver hosted by Daniel Veniez, a candidate for MP.  In first photograph,

Strathcona Residents’ Association says no to mega-casino proposal

Citing negative impacts the proposed casino would have on Strathcona from gang activity to a general increase in crime, the neighborhood association's chairperson said the vote was unanimous.

Sarah Palin Facebook wall rages with recrimination after Giffords shooting

“What happened to Fire and Reload? Are your maps updated yet Mrs. Palin?” asked one commenter.


Linda Solomon: Last Year, Next Year

Happy New Year, VO-ers!  As we're sweeping up the glitter, let's raise a final glass to the people who create the Vancouver Observer! Amidst the gang violence and

Mayor Robertson heard gunshots last night from home

"Like many people in the neighbourhood, I too heard gunshots while I was at home early this morning," Mayor Gregor Robertson said in a statement

Canada couldn’t deal with a major oil spill, minister says. Neither could Vancouver, local activist declares.

The government's environmental auditor announced today that Canada could not deal with a major oil spill. Rex Weyler, a local opponent to oil tankers in Vancouver's waters, couldn't

In 2004, Canada Safety Council asked government to stop building casinos

In 2004, the Canada Safety Council asked the government to stop building casinos, declaring addictive gambling a national health crisis.


Carole James resigns as leader of BC NDP

Carole James just announced her resignation as leader of the BC NDP  at a news conference happening right now. Some history compliments of Wikipedia: James was elected leader

Wikileaks deconstructs the world as we’ve known it

Wikileaks released another report yesterday.  It reveals a lot about who pulls the strings internationally, (who knew King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia was such a player?), and how

On American Thanksgiving

Happy [American] Thanksgiving, VO-ers. On the occasion of my birth country's holiday, I'd like to take a moment to name a few things I'm grateful for. I am

A Bloggers’ Code of Ethics

Some bloggers recently have been debating what, if any, ethics the Weblog community should follow, says. It's worth thinking about,  particularly if you are interested in...

How to make walking to school with your kid fun

Many adults love walking.  But how to make it fun for a kid, enough fun that you can take long walks together every day?  I've been exploring how

Vice arrests 26 year old for attempting to lure underage girls for sex via internet

 A 26 year old Surrey resident is the latest man to be arrested by the VPD Vice Unit for allegedly attempting to meet underage girls for

Diwali Downtown

UBC Bhangra dancers seemed to fly.  I thought they were the best act, and not just because VO events emcee Ajay Puri's girlfriend was one of the dancers. 

Premier Gordon Campbell resigns

He was an embattled leader when he resigned today. Less than a year ago, he dominated the news during the 2010 Winter Olympics.  Many  called them "Gordo's Games,"

Megan Stewart and Darren Fleet’s investigation of “Lost Canadians” takes 1st place at COPA

In the first case, VO beat the and in the second case, the beat VO. In any case, Megan Stewart and Darren Fleet's "Lost Canadian"

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