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How about giving job-creating tax cuts only for jobs that are actually created?

Conservative minority Government House leader John Baird told reporters this past Monday: “We are reducing taxes for businesses because it creates jobs.” But is this really true, in all circumstances, all the time?
Given all the growing turmoil and…

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Waiting for Keith Olbermann’s new Huffington Post style media empire?

I just want to (more or less) quickly  express my deep regret at the disappearance of Keith Olbermann and his path-breaking “Countdown” show on MSNBC —

Why John A. Macdonald can never be Canada’s George Washington

This past Tuesday, January 11, was John A. Macdonald’s birthday (and, intriguingly enough, also Jean Chrétien’s).

Macdonald, in case you’ve forgotten (as almost half those Canadians consulted

A tale of two reviews of books : on the memory loops of George W. Bush

Eliot Weinberger, New York City, 1999. Photo: John Tranter.

Apparently George W. Bush’s presidential memoir, Decision Points, only released this past November 9, 2010, has already

Why Kelly McParland is wrong about the British monarchy in Canada

Pamela Anderson hosts a party in Montreal as part of the 2007 Grand Prix festivities. Photograph by: Tim Snow, Gazette File Photo.

I am not a fan

Julian Assange and the late Chalmers Johnson may have similar messages .. and democracy in America should listen

“Assange is poised to enter the pantheon of Internet innovators along with Tim Berners-Lee who got the whole thing rolling, Ward Cunningham who developed the

Holiday political polls in Canada … anyone with vision comes to this decision — don’t make up your mind!

The 1941 original cast recording for Lady in the Dark ... an album of 78 rpm records.

Ira Gershwin’s lyrics to the Kurt Weill tune, “

What does alleged Julian Assange sex scandal remind you of .. sober second thoughts on WikiLeaks?

One of the “two women at the centre of the sexual assault scandal involving Julian Assange” — as depicted by the Mail Online site in the

“Representation by population” DOA in Canada yet again?

John Ibbitson receives literary award from Governor General Jean for his children’s book, The Landing, December 10, 2008.

The big Ottawa mystery this half-dreary Friday afternoon in

The three November 29 by-elections in Manitoba and Southern Ontario : a new hinge of fate?

Robert Sopuck in the moody Manitoba riding of Dauphin-Swan River-Marquette : a shoe-in for the Conservatives.

Just three and a half weeks ago, the Globe and

Is some new “people’s monarchy” in the commonwealth realms at hand?

At the level of international political soap opera, at any rate, are we or are we not on the verge of some kind of revival of the

Pat Martin’s Bill C-417, An Act respecting Louis Riel .. another way of helping Canada lean forward

Yesterday marked the 125th anniversary of the hanging of the Canadian Métis leader, Louis Riel,  shortly after 8:15 AM, local time, in what is now Regina,

Can some kind of Mike and Jack show in Ottawa still lean Canada forward?

Canadian federal voting intentions in Quebec, Léger Marketing-Le Devoir, November 15, 2010: “Au Québec, le parti de Jack Layton est à égalité avec celui d'Ignatieff.”

Technically, a

Is Dalton McGuinty doomed .. or is the Ontario longue durée more important than many think?

Premier Campbell (l) and Premier McGunity (r) : heads of government for the two largest anglophone provinces of Canada, in happier times.

Jim Coyle at the Toronto

“The American people always make me optimistic” .. well .. why not?

President Barack Obama sits courtside with VP Joe Biden at Georgetown vs. Duke basketball game, Verizon Center, DC, Saturday, January 30, 2010. He may not be

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