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Premier Stelmach resigns – Danielle Smith and Jonathan Denis discuss

Alberta politics became interesting again yesterday when Ed Stelmach surprised his own cabinet by announcing his planned resignation from the Premier’s office. I wanted to get the Wildrose and PC view on this news so I called up both Wildrose Leader…

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Michael Ignatieff’s Dean Scream

Michael Ignatieff and Howard Dean, two liberal politicians from New England with a good set of pipes. Ignatieff hopes his career path doesn’t follow in the same

Harper Government Accomplishments – according to the Harper government

The Conservatives put out this document today outlining their accomplishments over the past five years.

Besides outlining the famous “five priorities” upon which the Conservatives ran their

Stephen Harper celebrates 5 years in power

The following is the speech Stephen Harper gave to supporters in Ottawa on January 23rd, 2011 to celebrate 5 years in power.

Friends, today we celebrate our fifth anniversary!


CBC vs. the CPC on those new ads

Well, it was bound to happen. The CBC is in a snit over those new ads that the Conservative Party released the other day. They

On the use of public and government space for partisan purposes

In response to Kady O’Malley’s inquiry yesterday, a Conservative staffer sent along the following:

Liberal Express on the Hill-

Ignatieff asking people to join Liberal Party in a

The Coalition is alive and well

Hey, what is that? Up there? In that office window?

Is it? It is! That’s a “Coalition Yes” sign that was union-made during those heady days of Canadian politics

Conservatives roll out new ads

In the Conservatives quest to gain impressions for their message in the news — paired complimentarily to the media’s quest to sell newspapers and television advertising — new

Michael Ignatieff goes on tour

They’re calling in the “bus drive in the snow”.

Michael Ignatieff’s first stop: Carlingwood Mall. Perhaps the sleepiest mall in Ottawa.

There were some protesters outside (University of Ottawa

Liberals vs. Liberals

Today, the Prime Minister stated that more Canadians are working today than before the global economic crisis hit.

Dalton McGuinty’s Chief of Staff on Twitter:

Did you know Ontario

Canadian satellite images of Australian flooding

Forwarded by Leslie Swartman at MDA (courtesy of the CSA and RADARSAT-2)

The first image is a colour composite image derived from RADARSAT-2 collection on January 5, 2011, relative

Green Foreign Aid

This week, Prime Minister Stephen Harper named former broadcaster Peter Kent to his cabinet and handed him the environment portfolio and an excuse to wear more green ties.

The Canadian taxpayer continues to fund Quebec separatism

The Q4 numbers were released today detailing the allowances given to the four federal parties funded by the federal treasury. The allowances are calculated via the per-vote

The New Cabinet

Today at Rideau Hall, Prime Minister Stephen Harper elevated three MPs to cabinet and gave one cabinet minister a new job.

Peter Kent becomes the new minister of the

China’s new stealth fighter?

Pictures alleging to be of a new Chinese fighter jet hit a few aviation forums this Monday. Is this plane China’s new fifth-generation stealth fighter? As the

Do the Liberals support an iPod levy?

The Conservatives released a radio ad yesterday accusing the opposition of supporting a levy on iPods.

The Liberals have protested, they point out their press release which

Conservatives release ad slamming the Coalition’s iPod tax

Here’s the audio:

I’ve made it into a YouTube video… so people could, y’know, share it. What do you think of

Let’s keep building the conservative movement

A few words about this after the press release!


Stephen Taylor Joins the National Citizens Coalition

OTTAWA (December 7, 2010)

The National Citizens Coalition is pleased to announce

My favourite quote from Coach’s Corner last night

Can we get this man the Order of Canada already?

Premier Dad embarrasses the kids


It’s! Premier McGuinty’s website for teens that touches on a few items in the Ontario Grade 10 curriculum.

Pictures of my Premier and cartoon hearts!

Save energy in

Stay classy Globe and Mail…

The Globe and Mail burns the Prime Minister…

Sun TV News approved!

Breaking news this morning! Sun TV News was just approved for category 2 licence. I just received the CRTC approval from my very excited friends over at

Tony Genco: Michael Ignatieff’s second, third, or tenth choice?

From Jordi Morgan’s Maritime Morning show on Rogers News Talk Radio in the Maritimes,

Michael Ignatieff initially courted Julian Fantino before being

Tony Genco pops up at Queen’s Park

Peter Shurman alleges that Tony Genco handed out about $150,000 in bonuses to the the CEO of York Central Hospital and her chief of staff. He allegedly

Peek-a-boo politics

The Liberals are complaining that Julian Fantino, the Conservative by-election candidate for Vaughan is playing “Peek-a-boo politics” by skipping all-candidates debate. For Liberals, they hope, this plays

Don Cherry calls Vaughan residents for Julian Fantino

The Cherry bump? Will Don Cherry’s endorsement of Fantino convince Vaughan residents to turn out to vote for the former OPP

The Tony Genco ATIP request

The Tories are concerned that Downsview Park is stalling on releasing information regarding Tony Genco’s tenure as that organization’s CEO. Genco is the Liberal by-election candidate for

Edmonton Expo 2017

In addition to Don Martin’s story in the National Post today, I’ve learned a few more details about the Edmonton Expo story:

The government’s top-line message on this

George Galloway on the assassination of Rafik Hariri

“Everybody should be aware that the verdict of the Mehlis inquiry was already fixed before he began his investigation. This murder of Hariri was deliberately planned and executed

It gets better despite the United Nations

The Toronto Star’s Haroon Siddiqui describes how Canada suffered a “humiliating failure” at the United Nations for failing to get that coveted seat on the Security Council:


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