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The endorsements game 3: an updated update

 Earlier columns and blog entries on the endorsements game among the B.C. Liberals have drawn some more updates.
A Tuesday piece on the former Liberal MLAs backing Christy Clark brought a list of former Liberals backing George Abbott:
The ex-MLAs and …

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The shrinking shelf life of Canadian premiers

Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach has become  the latest Canadian premier to pack it in, announcing today that he'll be making way for a successor before the next election.

The endorsements game: an update

  Here's an updated breakdown on  leadership contest endorsements from the 49 members of the legislature elected as B.C. Liberals in 2009.


Candidates (4): Moira

Abbott still opposed to an early election call


Liberal leadership hopeful George Abbott is again discouraging the notion, promoted by rival Christy Clark, of an early election call once the party chooses a new

The “stallion” who turned into a jackass

Amid all the speculation involving two leadership races and the pending appointment of an interim leader for the New Democrats, the prime topic of conversation at the provincial

Kevin Falcon: I am not a Gordon Campbell


B.C. Liberal leadership hopeful Kevin Falcon has hastened to assure would-be supporters that his style of leadership should not be confused with that of the man

Krueger: extreme metaphor

  B.C. Liberal cabinet minister Kevin Krueger says he'll rein-in his use of "military metaphors" after directing an appalling and badly-timed comment toward New Democratic Party leadership

The Falcon campaign: we were there first

Saturday’s column on the three would-be party leaders (Mike Farnworth, George Abbott, and Christy Clark) who last week raised the theme

A grace note from a recall organizer


The proponent for the recall campaign in Kamloops-North Thompson has weighed in with a forthright denunciation of the threats against Craig James, the province's acting chief electoral

More Farnworth laugh lines


As a follow-up on New Democratic Party leadership hopeful Mike Farnworth, some more of his laugh lines that did not make the cut in the newsprint

Christy Clark “clarifies” position on HST referendum


B.C. Liberal leadership candidate Christy Clark continues to face questions about her controversial proposal to resolve the harmonized sales tax on the floor of the legislature

The feedback loop: one year on.

After a year of more or less regular blogging and 150 or so entries, an update on some concerns that are raised from time to time in both

Kamloops recall could disrupt committee to select a new chief electoral officer

Plans to launch a recall petition against B.C. Liberal MLA Terry Lake could have unintended consequences for the effort to recruit a new chief electoral officer for B.C.


I’m just wild about Harry.

Sorry, couldn't resist saying that.

And no, I am not, as my friend Les Leyne of the Victoria Times Colonist suggests, on the verge of becoming "Harry Lali's

Elections BC begins firing up the machinery for a provincewide vote

Amid all the talk of an early vote on the harmonized sales tax, Elections B.C. is moving to acquire the necessary staff to oversee such a provincewide ballot.


One of the baker’s dozen seeks the NDP leadership


Nicholas Simons, one of the 13 New Democratic Party MLAs who banded together to drive out leader Carole James, has become the

Abbott takes some distance from the Campbell agenda

B.C. Liberal leadership candidate George Abbott took a step or two away from some of the most controversial stands of  his own government Tuesday, calling for a referendum

B.C. Liberals (2011) Inc.

Outcast B.C. Liberal MLA Bill Bennett is suggesting that the party consider a change of name.

"I'm not naive enough to think we can change the relationship with the

Critic of B.C. Rail sale endorses Christy Clark

Liberal leadership Christy Clark has picked up a significant endorsement from former MLA Paul Nettleton, a Liberal-turned-independent who was one of the harshest critics

Seasons greetings from B.C. Hydro


The giant publicly owned utility waited until Dec. 23  to file the business plan on its $1 billion smart metering program.

The endorsements game among the B.C. Liberals

George Abbott has 14. Kevin Falcon has 13.


Christy Clark has but one.

Elections: snap, early and set.

B.C. Liberal leadership candidate Christy Clark may need a helping hand from the current cabinet if she wants the option of calling an election

A B.C. Rail inquiry on the cheap?

Amid growing calls for a public inquiry into the B.C. Rail case, the New Democrats are mulling whether there is a way  to

New Democrats doing the Sihota squirm.


Call it the Sihota squirm – the gee-I-wish-I-hadn’t-been-asked-that answers from New Democrats when asked about the controversial salary being provided to party president Moe Sihota.

Tory versus Grit rivalry already roiling B.C. Liberal leadership

The sudden departure of the manager of Christy Clark's campaign for the B.C. Liberal leadership  underscores the emerging tensions between B.C. Liberals who are federal Liberals and those

NDP interim leader may have to fight a general election — Mike Farnworth

New Democratic Party MLA Mike Farnworth says the party needs to exercise caution in picking an interim leader in January  because he/she may need to lead the party

Next B.C. election: Mike Farnworth versus Christy Clark

Or so says a  preliminary opinion poll on the respective leadership contests in the two main provincial parties.

Mike Farnworth  topped sixteen other possible candidates for the New Democratic Party

Christy takes the plunge: strong on style, weak on content.

Such was my impression of Christy Clark's double-header launch of her leadership campaign Wednesday morning.

Starting with the announcement on the airwaves of her outgoing employer, radio station CKNW.

The Vander Zalm effect

Since his return to more or less active politics at the end of the summer of 2009, former Premier Bill Vander Zalm has presided over a populist revival

The contenders: NDP side of the ledger

It having  been more than an hour since Opposition leader Carole James announced her departure, here's a first take on possible successors.

Given the raw wound over the James

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