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Lali threatened to sue if Dix memberships aren’t rejected (in Election Central)

British Columbia NDP leadership candidate Harry Lali says he’ll take his own party to court over memberships if it fails to apply its own rules.
“As far as I know five campaigns followed those rules down to a T, and one didn’t,” he said, singling out…

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BC needs stronger economy, better shared: Dix (in Election Central)

Vancouver-Kingsway MLA Adrian Dix said if he succeeds at winning the leadership of the British Columbia NDP he will work to build a strong, more equitable economy.

“We need

Clark, Farnworth frontrunners in leadership races: Poll (in BC Politics)

An Angus Reid poll, issued today, shows Christy Clark the favourite in the Liberal leadership race, while Mike Farnworth is the preferred candidate among New Democrats. As well,

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Last week I took a much needed break – partially as I mentioned because of a computer melt down, and partially because of a fatigue of pontificating. 

NDP government would have stopped clinic’s extra billing: Dosanjh (in Health)

If there had been evidence of extra billing by a private health clinic, an NDP government would have acted, said former Premier Ujjal Dosanjh.

Now a federal Liberal MP

NDP, like Liberals, ignored private health clinic billing: Day (in BC Politics)

Successive British Columbia governments have allowed private health clinics to do business in the province.

That’s doctor Brian Day’s reaction to a story The Tyee published last week.

Two Liberal leadership candidates failed to uphold health law: Dix (in BC Politics)

The British Columbia government is yet to seek a warrant so it can conduct its audit into Brian Day's private surgery clinic.

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