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A Socred is reminded of the old days

Here’s a campaign button from former Socred cabinet minister Jim Nielsen’s 1986 run for the Social Credit leadership. Neilsen, who served as Richmond MLA and health minister before going on to host a radio talk show, notes the comparison between hi…

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Abbott gets all hopey-changey

George Abbott is known to legislature watchers as one who loves to needle the NDP. He is one of the B.C. Liberals’ top three hecklers, along with the

Falcon flies over farmland

Here’s Kevin Falcon pitching his idea for late-night SkyTrain service on Thursday. His campaign slogans include “854″ which is the sum of area codes 604 and 250, and

Getting at the grassroots

B.C. Liberal leadership candidate Mike de Jong likes rival Christy Clark’s idea to return to annual party conventions. De Jong stopped by the press gallery today on his

Christy Clark likes early election

Christy Clark, seen here doing a little antique shopping with recall target Ida Chong today, has made it a bit clearer how she views Premier Gordon Campbell’s scheduled

Oilpatch guys go for Falcon

Here’s a scene from the Gordon Campbell campaign bus in 2009, with Peace country MLAs Blair Lekstrom (right) and Pat Pimm suited up to visit a gas processing

Watts won’t run for Libs leadership (in BC Politics)

Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts took a pass on leading the B.C. Liberals. The political landscape “has become more about personal attacks and less about the issues,” she said.

Did Gordon Campbell take the BC Liberals down with him when he fell?

Gordon Campbell is gone.  “Praise the Lord”.  That’s what they are saying around BC Liberal Headquarters.  “Is it too late,” is the next sentence. Probably.  The

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