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Christy Clark speaking at Parkgate February 1st

Christy will be in North Vancouver to meet members of the community and answer any questions you might have on her vision for the Province of British Columbia. In 1996, she was elected to the British Columbia legislature where she distin…

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West Vancouver-Capilano MLA Ralph Sultan Endorses George Abbott

Ralph Sultan was on CKNW's Bill Good show this morning talking about the HST.  At the end of

West Vancouver-Capilano MLA Ralph Sultan Endorses George Abbott

Ralph Sultan was on CKNW's Bill Good show this morning talking about the HST.  At the end of

Agriculture council wants food, farming on the leadership agenda (in BC Politics)

Encouraged by the release of Liberal leadership contender George Abbott's recent position statement on agriculture in the province, the B.C. Agriculture Council (BCAC) is encouraging the other NDP

BC Liberal Leadership Candidate George Abbott during a visit to North Vancouver

Video footage from at last night's visit to the Holiday Inn by George Abbott:

The deep democracy of a Canadian Town Meeting with Michael Ignatieff

Nothing in me is smug about the safety of Canada. I'm an American on the brink of becoming a Canadian citizen and I’m here tonight to see how

A BC Liberal cocktail hour for contenders for King Gordon’s crown

Build 2030 brought nearly a thousand BC Liberals to the Hyatt last night for an event that served up five candidates.


Public won’t support political use of recall: Falcon (in Election Central)

Liberal leadership candidate Kevin Falcon says he knows from experience the public won't support recall being used to refight an election or batter the government.

BC NDP ‘still on track for a majority’: Prof (in BC Politics)

Political scientist Kennedy Stewart says the B.C. Liberals' recent rise in the polls isn't enough to ensure a fourth majority Liberal government. But if they rise a little

Clark, Farnworth frontrunners in leadership races: Poll (in BC Politics)

An Angus Reid poll, issued today, shows Christy Clark the favourite in the Liberal leadership race, while Mike Farnworth is the preferred candidate among New Democrats. As well,

Quick hits

Last week I took a much needed break – partially as I mentioned because of a computer melt down, and partially because of a fatigue of pontificating. 

Poll puts Liberals and NDP even in BC (in BC Politics)

A political poll released today has the New Democratic Party and the British Columbia Liberal Party, each in the midst of a leadership change, in a dead heat.


A quick statement of advice for the NDP

Everyone within the party needs to give up their bitterness and get on with the task at hand.

Over the past few days, I have seen a real outpouring

Christy Clark is in the race, and proves to be formidable immediately

Christy Clark had a very powerful and impressive performance this morning.

A few thoughts from Christy Clark’s announcement from this morning:

  • Her campaigns theme as someone who has escaped

Christy Clark to announce within days; campaign pulls in top Coleman operative

Christy Clark is expected to formally enter the leadership race Tuesday or Wednesday.

Christy Clark was poised to enter the leadership race either Tuesday or Wednesday, although after

Interesting tidbits from Richmond

Is Dave Semple, the General Manager of the City of Richmond’s Parks & Recreation, itching to run as a candidate for City Council in next year’s election? 

Comments on the Justason poll

UPDATE: Barb Justason tears a strip off of Mike Klassen from City Caucus for his misleading headline about her poll’s findings.

I would like to offer

Christy Clark to announce candidacy the week of December 6th

The campaign has been successful - Clark is set to announce the start of her leadership bid the week after next.

CivicScene has just received word

Caucus peace one of the hallmarks of Vision’s success

These wo former competitors have since formed a strong working relationship within City Hall, giving Vision peace within the caucus.

The landscape of BC politics right now is

Cross Christy Clark off the NPA wishlist

The next Premier of British Columbia?

Why?  Because Clark is going to make an announcement on her future in the next few days, and there are no indications

Poll finds Liberal-NDP gap narrowing in BC (in BC Politics)

Despite the B.C. Liberal Party's troubles, it is within five percentage points of the New Democratic Party, according to a poll released this morning.

Adios, Minister MacDiarmid

In her brief stay as education minister, MacDiarmid was well on her way to becoming one of the most unpopular ministers in the Campbell government.


‘You have almost a battered wife sydrome inside our caucus,’ says BC ex-minister Bennett (in BC Politics)

Kootenay East MLA Bill Bennett responded to his firing from cabinet today by comparing Premier Gordon Campbell to a wife beater who intimidates his cabinet and caucus.

“You have

Why the B.C. Liberals could have used Dianne Watts

Surrey mayor Dianne Watts is gregarious, trusted, and has a track record of turning toxic situations around. She, more than any other politican in B.C., can single-handedly revive

Internal party support numbers for Campbell don’t ring true

He went out on his own terms instead of waiting to get embarrassed, in spite of what internal polling numbers released after the fact are saying.


Premier Gordon Campbell resigns

He was an embattled leader when he resigned today. Less than a year ago, he dominated the news during the 2010 Winter Olympics.  Many  called them "Gordo's Games,"

Gordon Campbell’s tax cut wrong

Let's face it, when the economy's in trouble, or he is, the premier has only one tired strategy to shore things up: cut taxes.  Whatever the real

Premier expected to give B.C. school boards the pink slip

A Vancouver School Board trustee has told the Vancouver Observer that there is speculation Premier Gordon Campbell may announce in his public address tonight plans to fire elected

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