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Screen capture of former BC Premier Bill Vander Zalm appearing on The Standard on JoyTV

HST Opposition Undermined By Its Leaders In Public Forums

Bill Vander Zalm deserves some respect. He’s a political entrepreneur of enviable skill. With nothing but a great big grin and an inflated sense of outrage, he mobilized hundreds of volunteers across B.C. to collect an incredible 700,000 signatures against [...]

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BC’s Independent MLAs Demand Premier Clark Investigate Use of Hydraulic Fracturing

British Columbia’s two Independent MLAs are calling on Premier Clark to publicly investigate the development of the province’s unconventional gas basins and the use of hydraulic fracturing


Bob Simpson MLA: Does BC Still Have a Climate Change Agenda?

There’s a certain irony that the NDP leadership candidates have committed to continue with BC’s carbon tax, while it’s uncertain what the new Premier is going to do


MLA Q+A: Vicki Huntington

MLA Q+A is a new feature by BC Vote. Five questions will be presented to each of the 85 MLAs in the British Columbia Legislature. Three of these

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The BC Green Liberals endorse George Abbott

There was some discussion on Twitter today about the BC Green Liberals. Proving that the BC Liberal Party is turning into a very very big tent,

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