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Tahrir Square photo courtesy CBC News.

Public Broadcasting and the Power of Definition: How Canada Can Learn From Egypt

On Friday, February 10, 2011, the world’s eyes were fixed firmly on Egypt. A news bulletin early in the day had announced that Hosni Mubarak would take to Egyptian state television to respond to the massive citizen [...]

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Vancouver politics in review 2010, Pt 1: a CityCaucus Podcast

This guy can't get enough of our CityCaucus podcast! is taking another step today by piloting a new online feature called CityCaucus Cast, our

Peter Mansbridge in town to support the Vancouver Food Bank

"When you hear the stories of people who have jobs and need the help of the food bank, you want to help", says Peter Mansbridge.


George Stroumboulopoulos believes in “we”

"We've got to start getting way angrier at the way this country has been developing," George Stroumboulopoulos told VO. "The lack of compassion, the core values of what

Ethical Oil author lobbied for big tobacco company (in Environment)

The author of a controversial book promoting Alberta’s oil sands is a former tobacco lobbyist, records show.

A picture of Vancouver’s past preserved by CBC’s Preston

Granville Street circa 1960s – photo: Vancouver Archives

Colin Preston, the film and media archivist at CBC Vancouver located

A crazy week in BC politics

Another week in BC politics brings fresh hell for the BC Liberals...


Larry Skopnik, wheelchair-bound Commercial Drive hero, foils robbery (VIDEO)

It's all caught on surveillance camera and talked about in different languages around the world. A guy from my neighbourhood, Larry Skopnik, stopped a would-be robber from

On Remembrance Day, war stories from Vimy to Baghdad

Each Remembrance Day, I'm sure to put forth that there is significant importance in documenting the stories from those affected by war---from veterans and dodgers to widowers and

Megan Stewart and Darren Fleet’s investigation of “Lost Canadians” takes 1st place at COPA

In the first case, VO beat the and in the second case, the beat VO. In any case, Megan Stewart and Darren Fleet's "Lost Canadian"

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