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BC’s Independent MLAs Demand Premier Clark Investigate Use of Hydraulic Fracturing

British Columbia’s two Independent MLAs are calling on Premier Clark to publicly investigate the development of the province’s unconventional gas basins and the use of hydraulic fracturing to access this resource.

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EVENT: Panel Discussion on the Future of Electoral Reform in British Columbia

VICTORIA, BC — Democratic reform is still alive in BC! On Saturday, April 30th, the Greater Victoria chapter of Fair Vote Canada and the University of Victoria’s


Bob Simpson: How Did We End Up With an Unelected Premier?

This week Christy Clark was sworn in as BC's 35th Premier along with seventeen Liberal MLAs who will serve in her Cabinet. These 18 people make up

Bob Simpson MLA

Bob Simpson: Are We Serving Our Seniors Well?

One of the saddest aspects of my job involves the issue of seniors’ care and hearing the heart wrenching stories families bring to my office that highlight the

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The BC Green Liberals endorse George Abbott

There was some discussion on Twitter today about the BC Green Liberals. Proving that the BC Liberal Party is turning into a very very big tent,

Christy Clark speaking at Parkgate February 1st

Christy will

Poll finds Clark popular Liberal leader choice (in Election Central)

Former cabinet minister and on-leave radio talk show host Christy Clark remains the candidate for the B.C. Liberal leadership most popular with the public, according to an Ipsos

BC Liberal leadership candidates all support HST (in BC Politics)

All six Liberal leadership candidates say they support the HST, as they lay out their plans for the province's future for business leaders.

Christy Clark promises to restore gaming money to arts groups, if elected

To ensure charities and community groups have a stable and sustainable source of funding, BC Liberal leadership candidate Christy Clark has said that that as premier

A BC Liberal cocktail hour for contenders for King Gordon’s crown

Build 2030 brought nearly a thousand BC Liberals to the Hyatt last night for an event that served up five candidates.


Christy Clark Clarifies Position on HST

BC Liberal leadership candidate was in North Vancouver yesterday and was asked to clarify her position on the HST referendum:

A Socred is reminded of the old days

Here’s a campaign button from former Socred cabinet minister Jim Nielsen’s 1986 run for the Social Credit leadership. Neilsen, who served as Richmond MLA and health minister before

Clark, Farnworth frontrunners in leadership races: Poll (in BC Politics)

An Angus Reid poll, issued today, shows Christy Clark the favourite in the Liberal leadership race, while Mike Farnworth is the preferred candidate among New Democrats. As well,

Quick hits

Last week I took a much needed break – partially as I mentioned because of a computer melt down, and partially because of a fatigue of pontificating. 

Getting at the grassroots

B.C. Liberal leadership candidate Mike de Jong likes rival Christy Clark’s idea to return to annual party conventions. De Jong stopped by the press gallery today on his

Christy Clark likes early election

Christy Clark, seen here doing a little antique shopping with recall target Ida Chong today, has made it a bit clearer how she views Premier Gordon Campbell’s scheduled

Clark campaign skipped scheduled media availability (in Election Central)

Liberal leadership candidate and broadcaster Christy Clark failed to follow through on a media availability her campaign team scheduled today.

Quick hits

Christy Clark is in the race, and proves to be formidable immediately

Christy Clark had a very powerful and impressive performance this morning.

A few thoughts from Christy Clark’s announcement from this morning:

  • Her campaigns theme as someone who has escaped

Clark launches Lib leadership campaign (in Election Central)

Talk radio host and former MLA Christy Clark this morning officially entered the race to lead the British Columbia Liberal Party.

Christy Clark launch in full

Christy Clark, seen here campaigning for the 2001 election in Port Moody, has announced her leadership bid. Here is the full text of her speech, delivered to supporters

Christy Clark set to enter Lib race, but may be in already (in BC Politics)

Christy Clark has two announcements planned tomorrow morning, but the Liberal Party website already has her in the race to replace exiting Premier Gordon Campbell.

Christy Clark to announce within days; campaign pulls in top Coleman operative

Christy Clark is expected to formally enter the leadership race Tuesday or Wednesday.

Christy Clark was poised to enter the leadership race either Tuesday or Wednesday, although after

Comments on the Justason poll

UPDATE: Barb Justason tears a strip off of Mike Klassen from City Caucus for his misleading headline about her poll’s findings.

I would like to offer

Falcon takes flight, shows talons

Surrey-Cloverdale MLA Kevin Falcon, shown here showboating in an electric car while transportation minister, has livened up the B.C. Liberal leadership race right from his announcement at the

Quick hits

Christy Clark to announce candidacy the week of December 6th

The campaign has been successful - Clark is set to announce the start of her leadership bid the week after next.

CivicScene has just received word

Cross Christy Clark off the NPA wishlist

The next Premier of British Columbia?

Why?  Because Clark is going to make an announcement on her future in the next few days, and there are no indications

NPA faces uphill battle with their future Mayoral candidate

With former electeds like Chiavario, Cowie and Rogers, vcaTEAM had a respectable group of candidates back in 2002. The party's Achilles heal was the lack

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