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EXCLUSIVE: George Abbott responds to our urban issues survey

Abbott open to discussion regarding transfering funds from AirCare into new transitIn a post we published a few weeks back, we asked each of the BC Liberal leadership candidates to provide us with answers to a series of urban-focused questions. So fa…

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Yeah, this is nothing like Hollyhock

Diners on the hunt for ethical chicken – a scene from Portlandia

When I first saw the amazing Dream

Christy Clark supports ban on foreign donations to civic campaigns

Bob Rennie, Pamela Martin, Christy Clark & Harry Bloy MLA at a rally last week

Last week we published Dr. Moira Stilwell's response to our urban

Dr. Moira Stilwell agrees 3-year civic terms long enough

The approachable Dr. Moira Stilwell meets with campaign supporters Saturday morning

Last week wrote to each of the candidates vying to become leader of the BC

Fontaine provides predictions for the Royal City

River Market re-opening may revitalize New West waterfront Photo: Briana Tomkinson

Last month, the New Westminster News Leader asked my colleague Daniel Fontaine to answer a few questions

Predictions for Vancouver politics in 2011: CityCaucus Podcast Pt 5

We pull out our special crystal ball and make some political predictions for 2011

In the final installment of our pilot CityCaucus Cast, Mike and I look

CityCaucus Podcast Pt 4: predictions for Metro mayors & rise of social media

Social media is changing the way we do civic politics in Canada

In the fourth installment of CityCaucus Cast, Mike and I discuss what we think might

CityCaucus Podcast Pt 3: signs from Surrey, Calgary & Toronto

Naheed Nenshi victorious in Calgary last October

In our continuing year-end review of politics in Vancouver, the Metro region and other Canadian cities, we take a

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from!

The Lions seen from Fraser Street – click for larger

Best wishes and thank you for reading and joining in the dialogue throughout the past

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from!

The Lions seen from Fraser Street – click for larger

Best wishes and thank you for reading and joining in the dialogue throughout the past

Vancouver city politics in review, Part Two: a CityCaucus Podcast

Homelessness made headlines in Vancouver for all the wrong reasons in 2010

Earlier this week we began to pilot our CityCaucus Cast whereby Mike and

Vancouver politics in review 2010, Pt 1: a CityCaucus Podcast

This guy can't get enough of our CityCaucus podcast! is taking another step today by piloting a new online feature called CityCaucus Cast, our

Vivian Krause interviewed by CKNW Radio’s Michael Campbell

"Off limits" area targeted by US charities – click to see full version

After receiving three

4,000,000 CityCaucus Reads Can’t Be Wrong

Move over Elvis..? Not quite, but we're pleased that you're reading!

It's not the kind of web traffic that keeps mainstream media webmasters up at night, but

Krause gets the big kiss off from Gregor

After months of inquiries Robertson finally supplies his answer

Vivian Krause's attempts to get answers

On ads, lawyers and other papers

A few topics that have piled up in our drawer go into this post

Just a few quick items for our readers to note as we have a busy

Ms. Krause Goes to Ottawa

Vivian Krause was invited to speak at today's Standing Committee on Natural Resources

Most of us Canadians will go

BC’s NDP after Carole James – what’s next?

Carole James's toughness wasn't enough to hang on

By now you've probably been singed by the blast radius of the latest in a series of

Krause: My fair questions to Gregor Robertson

Gregor campaigning with Carole James 18 months before dumping the NDP welcomes back Vivian Krause, a North Vancouver resident, mom, and one of Canada's

BC’s political tornado about to hit

Stormy political winds a comin' in British Columbia - click for larger

A weather analogy seems only

Gregor Robertson & charity funding questions make national front page news

Solomon 2IC Martha Burton is both charity exec, consultant, donor & party treasurer


Did Vision Vancouver get $153,783 in campaign funds from a charity?

The $$ behind the throne – the ribbon gets cut at the launch of


Remember those who have served, are serving and who will serve for us

Expo 86 or 2010 Olympics: Which will eventually have a bigger impact?

Expo 86 or Vancouver 2010: which was better?

It’s hard to believe that eight months have already passed since hundreds of thousands of Vancouverites filled our

Creating green jobs in Vancouver should be more than a branding exercise

Could run-of-river projects fuel thousands of green collar jobs in Vancouver one day?

Jimmy Pattison recently

24 Hours & Shore 104 FM: Towers & view corridors

Shore 104 FM 'Moment with Mike' & 24 Hours today

Each week I've had the privilege of discussing politics outside of CityCaucus Tower as a

Rob Ford landslide win for new Toronto mayor

The fight for Toronto City Hall ends tonight with Rob Ford elected Mayor – photo:

It was supposed to be a close contest between a well-known

North Vancouver mom exposes $US millions for oil sands activism

The "No Tanks" protest staged last weekend in downtown Vancouver. Who paid for it endorses George Smitherman for Toronto mayor

Ford or Smitherman? Follow @CityCaucus on Monday night for our 'e-analysis' of the Toronto contest

Torontonians go to

Many good reasons to follow @CityCaucus on Twitter's billboard in Ho Chi Minh City, seen top-left – click for larger image

We're not sure

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