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BC leadership races add tension to civic political scene

Politics in BC is making for strange bedfellows right about nowIn what is the wacky world of BC coalition politics, even the slightest shift in the tectonic plates can result in massive tremors miles from the epicentre. That’s because at the provincial…

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Sam Sullivan would never have gotten away with that

Frmr NPA Mayor Sam Sullivan was regularly raked over the coals by Vision/COPE

Regardless of what you think of the ten civic politicians that make up the

“Dear Lord, please let it be Adrian Dix”

A BC Liberal prays that the NDP choose Adrian Dix as leader

Just prior to the BC NDP deadline for leadership candidates, Vancouver-Kingsway MLA Adrian Dix took

New casino worth $17M a year to Vancouver (in Municipal Politics)

Paragon Gaming’s casino and hotel proposal is going to a public hearing Feb. 17. One city councillor said expanded gambling could impact the rate of suicides and organized

Opposition to Vancouver mega-casino pure political theatre

Could a new mega-casino be heading to downtown Vancouver soon? You bet!

There are times having to watch Vancouver City Council can be very painful. Today was

Predictions for Vancouver politics in 2011: CityCaucus Podcast Pt 5

We pull out our special crystal ball and make some political predictions for 2011

In the final installment of our pilot CityCaucus Cast, Mike and I look

Goodbye 2010! Hello civic election year

Happy New Year to all of our readers!

It's New Year's Eve and the staff at CityCaucus Towers are all grumbling today about the fact we've asked

Vision vs COPE catfight made for good reality TV

Coun. Stevenson: "That's a frickin' lie!" - see video

As Vancouver City Council winds up it's last few items of

24 Hours: Vancouver planned ahead for school closures

The Bartholomew Plan for Vancouver circa 1928 – click for larger

The following column ran in 24 Hours newspaper

Tim Louis prefers empty promises

Tim Louis has his facts wrong on the accomplishments made by the current City Council on social housing.

Yesterday, former COPE Councillor Tim Louis wrote an op-ed

COPE’s Tim Louis says Vision gets failing marks so far

When it comes to judging Vision, Tim takes the cake

In January 2009, I proposed seven benchmarks we could employ to measure Vision Vancouver at the end

Vision caucus stick together through thick and thinning

Leaving Vision's herd may result in banishment to a lonely political wilderness

Say what you will about Gregor Robertson and his Vision caucus, but you certainly can’t fault

Will the BC NDP go the way of COPE?

Trashed? Can the BC NDP be getting 'the COPE treatment' from Vision?

What has been happening

Quick hits

  • A great piece by my friend Ian Davey on the power of change being behind the Rob Ford incoming term.   Here is the key quote of

NPA faces uphill battle with their future Mayoral candidate

With former electeds like Chiavario, Cowie and Rogers, vcaTEAM had a respectable group of candidates back in 2002. The party's Achilles heal was the lack

No money for schools? Then conduct a $25,000 poll!

Ipsos-Reid landed the $25,000 VSB School Survey contract to poll 18-34 year olds

Where to

Expo 86 or 2010 Olympics: Which will eventually have a bigger impact?

Expo 86 or Vancouver 2010: which was better?

It’s hard to believe that eight months have already passed since hundreds of thousands of Vancouverites filled our

Vision’s worst kept secret is 311

The numbers don't lie – 311 is increasingly popular with Vancouverites

We know that Vision Vancouver doesn't like transparency, but does it explain

Great Beginnings can sometimes have uncertain endings

Pepsi comes to the rescue after Vancouver cuts off funding to homelessness program

Last weekend I received a

Letter advantage no longer a secret in civic politics

The ABC's of civic politics show not all politicians were created equally

Shhhh...don't tell anyone. But did you know that if the first letter of your last

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