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Want to improve pedestrian experience? Jan Gehl urges attention to achievements of traffic engineers

According to Danish architect Jan Gehl, a global leader in the development of active streets and successful public space, those who want to improve the lot of pedestrians and cyclists should follow the example of traffic engineers. They should assembl…

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Inside the VFX industry: another look at wages, working conditions from employer standpoint

My Business in Vancouver column on the working conditions of Vancouver’s VFX workers, the people who produce digital special effects for the film industry, struck a nerve with many

Regional Growth Strategy wins near-unanimous support, as Steves sounds warning on ALR

Richmond city councillor Harold Steves, who probably has done more than any other individual to save BC’s agricultural land from urban sprawl, was the sole vote

2011 predictions

As we round out another decade, thoughts turn to the future. The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives’ Hugh Mackenzie, Shauna Mackinnon, Bruce Campbell, Trish Hennessy, Jim

Don’t be duped. The Conservatives are not good for the economy.

An online poll released today by Ipsos Reid says that the Harper Conservatives continue to be viewed by people as “competent managers of the economy.”


Big casinos are bad for local business: Donald Trump

Supporters of the Las Vegas-style casino at B.C. Place argue that an expansion in gaming will create new jobs and lead to economic growth in the province. It's

VFX artists, the worker bees of Vancouver’s booming digital sector, are looking for a raise

Vancouver’s buoyant film industry — which is overwhelmingly unionized — is building another driver of future economic growth with the expansion of the city’s booming digital special effects

Slow economy, unfunded liabilities pressure Vancouver 2011 budget

With taxpayers facing a two percent tax increase in this year’s budget – actually four percent after a proposed shift from business to residential taxpayers — it’s

YVR forecasts no increase in $15 airport fee despite big capital plans

With its last five-year, $1.4 billion capital plan completed in time for the Olympics, YVR is at work planning another round of capital spending, airport CEO Larry

Where are immigrant organizations’ voices in debate over new transit investments?

The debate over the future of Metro Vancouver’s transit system — particularly how much-needed expansion will be funded — has been dominated by politicians and some business groups.


Right-sizing Vancouver taxi fleet a tricky question when cab fares are lowest of major Canadian cities

As I passed a long rank of idle cabs outside the Sutton Place Hotel early this morning on my way to the gym, I wondered where the TV

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