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New Year’s Eve coverage a sign of things to come

Laments about New Year's Eve celebrations were bound to be negative regardless of what direction the City of Vancouver decided to move towards.
Happy New Year to everyone.  The site experienced some technical difficulties to start the year, but i…

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Technical Problems

Due to unreliable tech support, CivicScene has been down for the past few days.  I am spending time recovering files and archives, and will be back and fully

Back January 3

I am taking a holiday break, and as such have lapsed on posts over the holiday.  I will be back with regularly scheduled pontifications on January 3.  Happy

Vancouver City Pay for electeds completely out of whack with workload, rest of country

City Hall provides some amazing pay and benefits for staff, but the elected officials don't exactly enjoy the same standard.

A paltry pay increase to the

Quick hits

Last week I took a much needed break – partially as I mentioned because of a computer melt down, and partially because of a fatigue of pontificating. 

Computer troubles and holiday doubles force Civicscene break

Hi all. I had a computer blow up on me this week with data recovery costing me a pretty penny, and then the Christmas party circuit has

Political games trump gender equity spin by Robertson, Mackinnon

The dynamic duo is at it again, and this time, they are using gender politics as their latest form of attack.

This story went up

Quick hits

Tim Louis prefers empty promises

Tim Louis has his facts wrong on the accomplishments made by the current City Council on social housing.

Yesterday, former COPE Councillor Tim Louis wrote an op-ed

A quick statement of advice for the NDP

Everyone within the party needs to give up their bitterness and get on with the task at hand.

Over the past few days, I have seen a real outpouring

Christy Clark is in the race, and proves to be formidable immediately

Christy Clark had a very powerful and impressive performance this morning.

A few thoughts from Christy Clark’s announcement from this morning:

  • Her campaigns theme as someone who has escaped

The NPA’s contrary and offensive position on school closures

NPA School Board Trustee Ken Denike thinks that public consulation is a waste of money.

Due to the fact that the NPA continues to stand for nothing,

Today’s topics

I am out for a morning meeting, but will be back with 3 posts later in the day, including a commentary on the NPA’s flexible positioning on the

Christy Clark to announce within days; campaign pulls in top Coleman operative

Christy Clark is expected to formally enter the leadership race Tuesday or Wednesday.

Christy Clark was poised to enter the leadership race either Tuesday or Wednesday, although after

Is she gone?

Is Carole going to resign?


Caucus staff have bolted to Victoria.  Carole James has announced that she will be speaking in 18 minutes in a press

Stuart MacKinnon and Ian Robertson prove their transparent politics

Mackinnon was on the horn last night, while Robertson didn't even bother to show up - much like this picture from the Kerrisdale Community Centre.

An inch

Stuart MacKinnon and Ian Robertson prove their transparent politics

Mackinnon was on the horn last night, while Robertson didn't even bother to show up - much like this picture from the Kerrisdale Community Centre.

An inch

Interesting tidbits from Richmond

Is Dave Semple, the General Manager of the City of Richmond’s Parks & Recreation, itching to run as a candidate for City Council in next year’s election? 

BC NDP dissidents to make major announcement in the next hour?

UPDATE: Not who I expected to open up the floodgates – because the ones that were gleeful are still itching for their spotlight – but this is

Comments on the Justason poll

UPDATE: Barb Justason tears a strip off of Mike Klassen from City Caucus for his misleading headline about her poll’s findings.

I would like to offer

Quick hits

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Christy Clark to announce candidacy the week of December 6th

The campaign has been successful - Clark is set to announce the start of her leadership bid the week after next.

CivicScene has just received word

Caucus peace one of the hallmarks of Vision’s success

These wo former competitors have since formed a strong working relationship within City Hall, giving Vision peace within the caucus.

The landscape of BC politics right now is

Bill McCreery sums it up best about the NPA’s future

Bill McCreery sits in the background, looking very unhappy at having to sit and be a greeter at the NPA table. His former party

Cross Christy Clark off the NPA wishlist

The next Premier of British Columbia?

Why?  Because Clark is going to make an announcement on her future in the next few days, and there are no indications

Quick hits

  • A great piece by my friend Ian Davey on the power of change being behind the Rob Ford incoming term.   Here is the key quote of

Gregor Robertson to hold town hall with 25,000 people

Just got this from Vision Vancouver, which will be the first political entity of any in Vancouver to use this kind of technology (the target for participants will

Taxi motion amended; new licenses off the table

Watching the video clip of yesterday’s proceedings shows that the emphasis for a revised motion was that stakeholders and the taxi roundtable would guide solutions in the

No need for temporary weekend taxi licenses; dozens of cabs sitting idle during peak periods

If Vancouver cabs were sitting idle on Friday and Saturday nights for this, I could understand. But this isn't the reason for them being off

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