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Minute with the mayor

This is the first in a new VOTV series "Minute with the Mayor." Special, huge thanks to Anne Watson for the high quality of the video production.  And thanks to Jacob Barker for last minute…

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City and feds fight racism with funds

Calling on the city to "build a safer and more inclusive city where discrimination, where racism, and bullying no longer exist," Mayor Gregor Robertson announced that Citizenship and

New Year’s Eve coverage a sign of things to come

Laments about New Year's Eve celebrations were bound to be negative regardless of what direction the City of Vancouver decided to move towards.

Happy New Year to

Faces and places from an unforgettable year

Aw! This fuzzy friend keeps spirits up at the New Fountain Shelter. Get the scoop on all the photos inside this story.


Quick hits

Last week I took a much needed break – partially as I mentioned because of a computer melt down, and partially because of a fatigue of pontificating. 

Quick hits

Victoria’s restructuring plans threaten employment services to immigrants

A complete restructuring of BC’s employment service centres now being imposed by Victoria could have a devastating impact on Vancouver residents, according to the leaders of the city’s

Tim Louis prefers empty promises

Tim Louis has his facts wrong on the accomplishments made by the current City Council on social housing.

Yesterday, former COPE Councillor Tim Louis wrote an op-ed

Seafield mass eviction a stark reminder of pressures facing city renters

The battle of the Seafield Apartments, which has seen a committed and united group of tenants hold off a landlord bent on evictions for more than two years,

Comments on the Justason poll

UPDATE: Barb Justason tears a strip off of Mike Klassen from City Caucus for his misleading headline about her poll’s findings.

I would like to offer

Another day, another poll, a jump in disapproval for Mayor Gregor Robertson

This year promises to be the most-polled ever in advance of a civic election, as various polling companies pile on to what promises to be a hard-fought battle

Another day, another poll, a jump in disapproval for Mayor Gregor Robertson

This year promises to be the most-polled ever in advance of a civic election, as various polling companies pile on to what promises to be a hard-fought battle

Quick hits

Caucus peace one of the hallmarks of Vision’s success

These wo former competitors have since formed a strong working relationship within City Hall, giving Vision peace within the caucus.

The landscape of BC politics right now is

Cross Christy Clark off the NPA wishlist

The next Premier of British Columbia?

Why?  Because Clark is going to make an announcement on her future in the next few days, and there are no indications

Quick hits

  • A great piece by my friend Ian Davey on the power of change being behind the Rob Ford incoming term.   Here is the key quote of

Gregor Robertson to hold town hall with 25,000 people

Just got this from Vision Vancouver, which will be the first political entity of any in Vancouver to use this kind of technology (the target for participants will

City of Vancouver puts troubled Olympic Village into receivership (in Municipal Politics)

The City of Vancouver announced Wednesday that Ernst and Young was assuming control of the Millennium Southeast False Creek Properties and the Millennium Water development.

NPA faces uphill battle with their future Mayoral candidate

With former electeds like Chiavario, Cowie and Rogers, vcaTEAM had a respectable group of candidates back in 2002. The party's Achilles heal was the lack

Dallaire’s “will to intervene” initiative forces us to think about how war and genocide could be prevented

The proclamation Mayor Gregor Robertson has scheduled to declare tomorrow, Nov. 12, as “Will to Intervene Day” in Vancouver is a modest but important contribution to Lt. Gen.

Quick hits

  • The position expressed by Paul Faoro in this article with regards to the changes going on at City Hall is very telling.  Why?  Because a top-heavy,

STIR begins to evolve from concept to action

The city of glass is still difficult to navigate for many renters who wish to work and live in the city.

“More than half of Vancouver residents

Toronto’s voter turnout unlikely to be repeated in Vancouver

Toronto's ballot anger isn't likely to carry over to Vancouver's election next year.

“The revenge of the suburbs” is the best explanation that I have heard about Rob

Quick hits

  • This is hilarious, and yet another reason why several local news outlets (according to various sources) will never turn to him for another story ever again. 

If bike lanes are the NPA’s wedge issue, they’re in for a rude awakening

If the NPA wants to run an election campaign on being anti-bike lanes, then they are likely to have their bubble of denial popped come next November.


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